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delve into

to try to find more detailed information that is not well known


die away

if something such as sound light ir the wind dies away it gradually becomes weaker and then stops


dig up

to discover hidden or forgotten information by careful searching
to dig and remove something from the ground that is buried there


dip into

to use part of an amount of money that you had intended to keep
to read short parts of a book magazine without reading the whole thing


do something out of

to cheat someone by not giving them money that they are owed otr something that should belong to them


do up

to repair or decorate a building so that it looks much better


drag on

if an event drags on it continues for too long


drag up

to mention an unpleasant event or story about something that happenned in the past even though it is embarassing or upsetting


draw on

to use knowledge information or your personal experiences to help you do something


draw something out

to make something continue for longer than is usual


draw up

to prepare a contract or a list or plan