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lap adrenalectomy LEFT

Lateral decubitus position

Foley catheter
Orogastric tube
Flexed table

Camera report
Slightly superior and left a belly button

Working ports subcostal triangulated with camera report

Mobilize splenic flexure (Watch out for the pancreas)

Create a plane medial to the adrenal gland and lateral to the aorta

Divide inferior adrenal vein

Divide phrenic vessels

Divide adrenal arteries

Do right inferior and lateral attachments

Deliver specimen

Inspecting hemostasis

Close ports


lap adrenalectomy LEFT

Oral gastric tube

Floyd catheter

Lateral decubitus

Flex table

Take down triangular ligament of the liver

Retract liver medially with additional port liver retractor

Gain entry through the peritoneum overlying the medial aspect of the adrenal gland.

Plane posterior lateral to the vena cava bluntly developed

Adrenal vein ligation division

Adrenal arteries ligation division


Component separation

Bilateral subcostal incisions three finger breast below cost a margin

Dissection carried down to external oblique aponeurosis

External oblique fascia into your she is released longitudinally with Metzenbaums scissors(Being careful of in pure epigastric) from costal margin to inguinal ligament

Post year rector she just lateral to linea Alba released

4 – 6 inches with external oblique

two – 3 inches with rectus sheath


Femoral hernia repair open without mash

Cooper's ligament
(rectus sheath margin combines with )

Sew cooper's ligament to transversalis Fashion

Transition stitch at femoral sheath

then sew to transversus


If you cannot reduce bowel and the femoral hernia approach what maneuver can be done

Cutting the lacunar ligament

cut inguinal ligament


Triangle of doom

Iliac vessels
Spermatic epigastric vessels?


Triangle of pain

General branch genitofemoral nerve

Federal branches genitofemoral nerve


Triple tube therapy of duodenal unrepairable injury

G tube
Retro D tube
J tube