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Treatment of phlegmon

Antibiotics only!

Watch for perf once there are air bubbles on the CT scan then drain


Management of patient with perforated appendicitis over the age of 50 who is just charged with resolution after perk drain and antibiotics

Needs colonoscopy!

Interval appendectomy dealers choice


Important change in differential diagnosis with late presentation of concerned for acute appendicitis

is perforated right sided colon cancer

Right-sided diverticulitis

typhlitis in immunocompro


Treatment of perforated appendicitis

This is best treated with are drainage antibiotics

Otherwise, this can turn into more harm than good in the bigger operation with colon
resection etc.

The exception his diffuse peritonitis and worsening clinical condition requires exploratory laparotomy


Antibiotics for perforated appendicitis


Then transition to oral antibiotic:

Augmentin(amoxicillin/clavulanic acid)


When would you pull drain placed by IR for perforated appendicitis

Once it is putting out less than 30 mL per day

(around two weeks postop visit in clinic)


what do all females get with appy work up

All females need HCG to rule out pregnancy`


Antibiotics recommended for appy

before surgery and if appendix is non-perforated, give 3 doses of the antibiotics

o If perforated:
antibiotics for 5 additional days


If mild symptoms, CT diagnosis of phlegmon,

treat with IV antibiotics,

percutaneous drainage.

Observe WBC, fever and clinical exam.