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1. two types of revelation and what they are, including
2. three means of special revelation and
3. Beattie on Scripture as special revelation



1. Beattie on Scripture as special revelation

2. three elements of sufficiency of Scripture and what they are are
- scope
- perspicuity
- finality


Who God is

1. what do the Scriptures make known of God
2. WCF 2.1 & 2.2 outline
3. God's incommunicable attributes
4. God's communicable attributes


Deity of the Trinity

1. OT allusions and NT references

2. four elements of proving deity of Son & Spirit
- names
- attributes
- works
- worship

3. John 1:1


God's decree

1. attributes of God's decree
2. pastoral app of God's eternal decree
3. soteriological app of God's decree
4. ordained means of election
5. explain double predestination
6. response to doctrine of predestination
7. what is foreknowledge
8. three ways that second causes of nature occur
9. three ways that God is free to work outside ordinary means


Angels & Satan

1. what are angels and their functions (Calvin)
2. explain election and salvation of angels
3. devil's primary role and demon possession vs. demon oppression



1. guiding principle behind God's works of creation
2. Triune God in creation: how and Scripture proofs
3. when, how and why did God create
4. laws of creation?


Man's creation and Fall

1. why how did God create man
2. Dr. P's position on dominion and imago Dei
3. covenants under which creation and fall took place
4. how Adam's headship implicates all of humanity
5. Adam's responsibility
6. three ways man died in Fall
7. three areas God's image lost in fall
8. free will vs. autonomous will
9. two theories on creation of the human soul


Salvation and Savior

1. how covenant of grace is est. and administered
2. why is a mediator necessary to man
3. how and when Christ the Son of God became man
4. hypostatic union
5. three errors refuted in WCF 8.2
6. was Jesus the creation of a human being
7. Christ's purpose in relation to His people
8. Christ's three offices correlate to what man lost in fall
9. three functions of Christ
10. Pipa on Savior as God-man and Christ's humiliation