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What is the population of the Maldives?

About 300,000


How many islands are there in the Maldives?

1190, of which 199 are inhabited


What is the average island height?

1.5m above sea level


How much of the land is below 1m above sea level?



When do scientists think the islands will be completely submerged?

50-100 years


What is the impact of sea level rise on tourism?

It will be lost, if the main airport can't function then the country will be cut off from international tourists, massively reducing the country's income.


How will the country's fishing industry be affected by sea level rise?

Fish are the Maldives' largest export. Costal flooding may damage fish processing plants, reducing fish exports and the country's income


How will housing be affected?

Many houses will be damaged or destroyed and a severe flood could make entire communities homeless


What impact will sea level rise have on freshwater supplies?

Supplies are already low on most of the islands, and if they're polluted by salty sea water during floods, some of the islands will have to rely on rainwater or build expensive desalination plants.


What will the impact of coastal flooding be on beaches?

Beaches wear away due to increased erosion, destroying habitats and exposes land behind the beach to flooding.


How does the flooding affect soil on the islands?

The soils is shallow (less than 20cm) and coastal floods easily wash away the soil, so plants can't grow


What did the Maldivian Government have to ask the Japanese Government for?

$60 million to build a 3m high sea wall to protect the capital city of Male


Why has the Maldives pledged to become carbon neutral?

So they don't contribute to global warming, which causes sea level rise


Why is the government thinking of buying land in countries such as Australia and India?

To relocate Maldivians there before the islands become uninhabitable