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The list of requirements for a valid lease differ from a contract in what way?

The requirements are essentially the same.


A landlord or their agent may not interrupt or cause the interruption of a utility service paid for directly to the utility by a tenant unless the interruption results from:

1. An emergency
2. Bona fide repairs
3. Construction


When a court order is issued by a lessor to evict a lessee and the lessee is physically removed from the property, that is a(n) __ eviction



If the landlord or the person on whom a writ of reentry is served fails to immediately comply with the writ or later disobeys it, the failure is:

grounds for contempt of court against the landlord or person on whom the writ was served, under Section 21.002, Government Code.


____ requires that the landlord or owner make the leased properties livable and ready for occupancy, and to maintain them in a good state of repair for the duration of the lease, even if the tenant could make the change.

The implied covenant of habitability.


An important difference between residential and commercial leases to remember is that they do not have to follow __ laws

Fair Housing


For commercial tenants, ___ can be an effective way to generate extra income.



The legal term for a tenant's right to protection from the landlord evicting without cause or otherwise disturbing is:

Quiet enjoyment


___ is when the tenant is forced to vacate the premises he or she has been leasing because of the unfavorable circumstances on the part of the landlord towards the tenant.

Constructive eviction.