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Resort Properties are those defined as:

Vacation ready and in unique locations that offer recreational activities, such as beaches or mountains or Hill Country.


Farm and ranch sales require what additional professional designation in addition to a texas real estate license?

No additional designation is required.


In addition to understanding how to value commercial properties, commercial brokers also need:

Specialized training in investment and financing, and they need to understand the income potential for commercial properties and the specific market area in order to give them the best representation they can offer.


Leasing property is a specialty in real estate, usually falling under the umbrella of:

Property management


Flipping, renting, and REIT properties are all forms of what kind of properties?



In Texas, an agent earning the Texas Residential Leasing Specialist from the Texas Association of Realtors must take a 3-hour course in:

1. The Essentials of Residential Leasing
2. Agency Issues impacting property management
3. The TAR residential lease agreement