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The human history on the territory can be traced back to nearly A years ago rather than the conventionally believed 6000 or 7000 years ago.

A 40000


Starting out as a A village, salt production site and trading ground, HK evolved into a B port of strategic importance in the 19th century.

A fishing
B military


The A industry is one of the oldest in HK. Its raw material were mainly the by product of the local oyster industry in B

A lime kiln
B Shenzhen Bay


In the second half of the 19th century, the A was once the most important heavy industry in HK.

A shipbuilding industry


The A war started in 1840. The war finally ended in August B, with the signing of China ´s first unequal treaty, the treaty of C.

A First Opium
B 1842
C Nanjing


On 26 January 1841, the British soldiers landed at Shui Hang Hau of Sheung Wan. With the continual development of the place, a road called A was built there.

A Possession street


The second opium war took place from 1856 to A.
The treaty of B was signed as a result and under the Treaty, territories south of C were ceded to Britain.

A 1860
B Beijing
C Boundary street


In 1895, Dr Sun Yat sen founded the A in HK and made its headquarters at B for planning revolutionary activities.

A Xing Zhong Hui
B Staunton street


The convention for the A was a lease signed on 9 june 1898 for B years rent free.

A Extension of HK territory
B 99


At the end of 19th century, A was full of brothels. In 1903 the brothels were relocated to B.

A Possession Point
B Shek Tong Tsui


Pottinger street was named after the A governor of HK. The street is also known as the B

A first
B Rocky Road


Mr Christopher A is the last of the B governors of HK whereas Sir C is the longest serving.

A Patten
B 28
C MacLehose


In December A Japan invaded HK. Governor Mark B accepted defeat.
Japan surrendered to the allies on 15 august C.

A 1941
B Young
C 1945


After 1949, there was a large influx of A from China to HK, bringing B.

A refugees
B capital and expertise


The first Chief Executive of HKSAR was A

A Mr Tung Chee Hwa


The first airport of Hong Kong is called A Airport. It was situated in the district of B and was completed in the year of 1928.

A Kai Tak
B Kowloon City


Located at Chek Lap Kok on Lantau Island, Hk international Airport opened for commercial operations in A.

A July 1998


In An HK was suffering from a serious drought. Water rationing was implemented that year, with water supplied to public every B days for C hours only.

A 1963
B four
C four


The Hong Kong A for Chinese was the first college in Hong Kong to fully adopt and accept western medical science practices.
It was established in 1887 and was the predecessor of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the B

A College of Medicine
B University of Hong Kong


In 1872, the A hospital, the oldest charitable hospital in Hong Kong, was constructed and started to provide free B medicine services to the sick and poor. In 1896, C medicine services were also provided.

A Tung Wah
B Chinese
C western


The A was the first bank in Hong Kong and the first B bank in Hong Kong

A Oriental Bank Corporation
B note-issuing


In 1882, A was officially born to protect the young and the innocent.

A Po Leung Kuk


From june 1925 to october 1926, the A took place in Hong Kong and Guangdong.

A Canton-Hong Kong strike


The A, litteraly means B, were the earliest inhabitants in Hong Kong. They speak the cantonese dialect C

A Punti
B local people
C Weitou


The New Territories A policy is a policy formulated to allow villager to apply for permission to erect for himself during his lifetime a small house on a suitable site within his own village.

A Small House


The 4 major tribes of the original inhabitants of Hong Kong are A, B, C and D.

A Punti
B Hoklo
C Tanka
D Hakka


A is a well known B walled village in Hong Kong.

A Tsang Tai Uk
B Hakka


The Peak Tram has been in operation since A, making it the oldest transportation in Hong Kong.

A 1888


Electric trams have been operating on Hong Kong Island since A. The Hong Kong Tramways limited has the world's only fully B tram fleet

A 1904
B double-deck


Located on Cotton Tree Drive, Central, A was a government office building built in B.

A Murray Building
B 1969