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The Basic Law provides that the Chief Executive of the HKSAR is to be selected by A held locally and be appointed by the B.
The Basic Law provides that the ultimate aim is a selection of the Chief Executive by universal suffrage upon nomination by a broadly representative C in accordance with democratic procedures.

A election or through consultations
B Central Government
C nominating committee


The term of the office of the HKSAR Chief executive is A years and each person can serve for no more than B consecutive term. The C is the de facto cabinet of the Chief Executive.

A five
B one
C Executive Council


The Legislative Council has A members for the fifth term, with 35 members returned by geographical constituencies through direct elections, and the rest by B. The term of office is C years.

A 70
B functional constituencies
C 4


The basic law provides that the HKSAR may on its own using the name A, maintain and develop relations and conclude and implement agreements with foreign states and regions and international organisations.

A Hong Kong, China


According to the principles of 'One country Two systems', the legal system of Hong Kong is based on the A. Basing on the principles of this law, the Judicial Authority is independant from the B authorities.

A common law
B executive and legislative


In the organisation chart of the HKSAR, there are A secretaries of Department and B policy bureaux.

A 3
B 13


The A, the highest award under the HKSAR honours and award system, is to recognise the selected person's life-long and highly significant contribution to the well being of Hong Kong.

A Grand Bauhinia Medal


The People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garnison is under the command of the A.

A Central Military Commission


The Statutory Minimum Wage comes into force on 1 May 2011 and with effect from 1 May 2019 the Statutory Minimum Wage rate will be revised to HK$ A per hour

A 37.5


As at May 2019, there are A vehicle tunnels in Hong Kong. The longest one is B Tunnel which was opened in May 2019 with a total length of 4,8km, connecting Fanling and Sha Tau Kok Interchange. It forms part of the C Highway and is free of charge.

A 21
B Lung Shan
C Heung Yuen Wai


The 26km High Speed Rail runs from A and connects HK with the Mainland's 25 000 km national high speed rail network. It connects HK with B destinations in the Mainland without Interchange.

A West Kowloon
B 44


Eligible Hong Kong A owners may go to Macao via the HZMB and park their private car at the East Car Park of HZMB the frontier Post at Macao Port for short stay without any quota requirement.
Drivers and passengers should park their cars at the Macao Carpark and complete the clearance procedures before interchanging with B to travel to other areas of Macao.

A non-commercial private car
B public transport


Situated at the waters of Lingdingyang of Pearl River Estuary, the A Bridge is a mega-size sea crossing linking the Hong Kong, Zuhai City and Macao The bridge spans about B km. The Hong Kong port is built on an artificial island of about 150 hectares, located at the waters off the northeast of the C.

A Hong Kong-Zuhai-Macao
B 55
C Hong Kong International Airport


The HK-Zuhai-Macao Bridge opened on 24 october 2018, after which the Western Pearl River Delta has fallen within a A radius from Hong Kong.

A 3-hour-commuting


The A scheme includes Normal Disability Allowance, Higher Disability Allowance, Normal Old Age Allowance and Higher Old Age Allowance. Its objective is to provide a monthly allowance to Hong Kong residents who are severely disabled or who are B years of age or above to meet special needs arising from old age or disability.

A Social Security Allowance
B 70


Hong Kong provides A statutory holidays.

A 12


In June 2002, the Government set up the A to subsidize those with learning aspirations to continuous education and training programmes. With effect from 1 April 2019, the fund subsidy ceiling will increase from the current level of 10 000 HKD to B HKD per applicant, and the upper age limit for application will be raised from 65 to C.

A Continuing Education Fund
B 20 000
C 70


In Hong Kong, upon completion of the 6 year secondary education, students will take the Hong Kong A Examination, which aims to measure the attainment of students.

A Diploma of Secondary Education


Up to july 2019, Hong Kong has A local degree awarding higher education institutions, B of which are funded through the University Grants Committee.

A 21
B eight


Hong Kong is one of the areas in the world that enjoys safe tap water. During the water treatment process, A are added to the filtered water in order to desinfect and control the alkalinity of the final treated water. B is added to protect against dental decay.

A chlorine and lime
B Fluoride


Hong Kong has strict laws about maintaining environmental hygiene. Anyone who commits such offences as littering, spitting, fouling of streets by dog faeces, or unauthorised display of bills and posters in public places in Hong Kong is liable to a fixed penalty of A HKD. Littering from vehicles may subject to a maximum fine of 25 000 HKD and emprisonment of B.

A 1500
B 6 months


The full implementation of the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance was effective since 1 July 2009. Violators will be liable to a fixed penalty of A HKD.

A 1500


The Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme has been enhanced by lowering the eligibility age from 70 to A with effect from 1 July 2017. From 2014, the annual voucher amount has been increased to B. The unspent vouchers can be carried forward and accumulated by an eligible elder, subject to a ceiling of C to encourage elders to make good use of the vouchers for primary care services including both curative and preventive care.

A 65
B 2000 HKD
C 5000 HKD


In November 2008, the Government established the A Register to make it more convenient for people to register their wish to donate organs after death. The Register enables authorised personnel to promptly arrange for organ transplants, so that more waiting patients will benefit. As at November 2019, there are over B registrations recorded.

A Centralised Organ Donation
B 310 000


With effect from 18 june 2018, the charge for an inbound visitor for using the Accident and Emergency service in Hong Kong is HK$ A per consultation. The in-patient (general hospitals) service charge is HK$ B per day.

A 1230
B 5100


In 2001, the government set up the Urban Renewal Authority URA with a mission to create quality and vibrant living in Hong Kong. In order to regenerate the urban area, the URA has adopted a 4R Strategy ie A.

A Redevelopment,Rehabitilitation, Revitalisation and pReservation


The trade description (A) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 has come into operation since 19 July 2013.

A Unfair Trade Practices


In order to encourage members of the public to provide information on illegal import, export, and possession of endangered species, the A has set up a Reward Scheme. Registered informer who provides reliable information leading to successful seizure of endangered species or conviction with be rewarded with Cash.

A Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department


In accordance with Hong Kong's A, if a mainland tour operator employs a Hong Kong resident to work in Hong Kong as a Tourist Guide for inbound visitors, then the Hong Kong resident may have violated the Ordinance for carrying on business as a travel agent without a licence.
The max sentence for the convicted offender is a fine of HKS B and emprisonment of C.

A Travel Agents Ordinance
B 100000
C 2 years


The Travel Industry Bill was gazetted on 10 Mars 2017 to establish the 'A' and a legislative framework for the licensing and regulation of travel agents, tourist guides and tour escorts. The bill aims to enhance the professionalism and foster healthy long-term development of the tourism industry. A statutory licensing regime will be established for tourist guides and tour escorts to enhance their B.

A Travel Industry Authority
B service quality and professionalism