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Navmedcominst 5360.1

decendent affairs manual


decedent affair officer

the co appoints a dao, which is responsible for the following task. ingoitation of a one time task, embalming, dressing, casket, and the use of a 18 gauze needle.


c- c- u-

casket cremation united state flag


search and recovery

don't initiate with approve form comnavmedcom rewardcan be paid form 25 to 50 dollar depending on information.


commanders of naval components of unified commands.

responsible for the administration and notification of commands through subordinate commands


Who may assist in problems arise getting a civil certificate of death

Naval office of medical and Dental affairs


Unless specifically requested by NOK, remains will not be shipped to arrive at a destination on what days?

Thanksgiving Day 22 - 26 December , or 1 January.


How does a command notify of a casualty?

Priority message


who receives a copy of the CO's letter of condolence?

NAVPERSCOM and OJAG (investigations division)


What is DD 565?

Statement of Recognition of Deceased


For remains of prisoners of war or personnel missing in action for lengthy periods the disposition decision is made in what order?

Surviving spouse (unremarried) 2. Natural/adopted children by age 3. Parents 4. Surviving spouse (remarried) 5. Other blood relatives 6. A person standing in loco parentis


When is the first call made to inform PNOK of death?

24 hours


Who can act as the CACO?

Active duty commissioned officer or well qualified senior enlisted member


This program is operational on a worldwide basis during peacetime and will continue outside areas of conflict during major military operations.

Current Death Program


This program provides for the search, recovery, evacuation, initial identification, disposition of personal effects found with deceased, and burial of eligible deceased persons in temporary cemeteries.

Graves Registration Program (GR/GRREG)


DD 2064 Certificate of Death (Overseas)

DD 1387-2 special Handling Data Certification (Rev. 6-86)


MED 5360-4 Unidentified or Group Remains

MED 5360-14 - Escort of Deceased Naval Personnel


DD 565 Statement of Recognition

Chapter 1 - Decedent Affairs Program