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How many types of hangars are there in naval aviation?



What are the different types of hangars?

Type I, Type II, and Type III


What type of aircraft is a Type I hangar designed for?

Carrier aircraft. Adaptable for rotary wing and various types of smaller aircraft.


How large is a Type I hangar module?

235' wide by 85' deep.


What type of aircraft is a Type II hangar designed for?

US Marine Corps aviation. (CH-53, V-22, C-130)


How large is a Type II hangar module?

325' wide by 119' deep.


What type of aircraft is a Type III hangar designed for?

Land based patrol and large transport aircraft.


How large is a Type III hangar module?

165' wide by 165' deep


What are some of the peculiar aspects of a shore based hangar?

Painted red fire lane dividing hangar from workcenters. Must be kept clear.
Portable CO2 extinguishers mounted to bulkhead.
External electrical systems.
Hangar bay doors.
Aircraft grounds.


What are the hangar fire protection requirements?

Low level AFFF system with low profile nozzles.
Optical fire detection for AFFF system.
Drainage systems to limit pool size and contain AFFF.
Overhead sprinkler system.
Draft curtains (cool sprinkler heads for earlier fire detection.)