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S.L Goldberg

"How much does it matter...that Cordelia has a touch of hard steel in her?"


Jeffrey Kahan

"Yes, Cordelia has to die, but even within the bounds of his other tragedies, Shakespeare had a variety of more palatable options."


Olivia Vinnel (played Cordelia 2014)

Cordelia is not the most memorable a character amongst Shakespeare's women. She is politically minded- 'nothing' is a political statement against what the state has become.


S.L Goldberg

"For some people, Cordelia is wholly in the right; for others she is not; for most, however, she is more in the right than Lear."


A.C. Bradley

"It was scarcely possible that a nature so strong as Cordelia's and with so keen a sense of dignity should feel here nothing whatever of pride and resentment."


N. Brooke

"Cordelia's obstinacy here [scene 1] as a crime for which she too must ultimately die."