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Edward Dowden

"Goneril and Regan are gorgons rather than women".


Edward Dowden

"Goneril is the more formidable because the more incapable of any hatred which is not solid and four square. Regan acts under her sister's influence but has an eager venomousness of her own."


Edwin Muir

Lear is "willing to accept either [daughter] if she will only take his part against her sister".

"we feel that they have become to him some strange and monstrous species."


Hazel Sample Guyol

"Of the major characters in the play, only Goneril and Edmund stand out in their avoidance of repetitive ejaculations."


Stage adaptations

RSC- G & R in black, Cordelia in white (Trevor Nunn film 2007 had similar connotations of the contrasts between evil and purity).
2011- Synetic theatre Virginia- witch like make-up and costume- black mesh with red highlights. Creates images of darkness and anger.