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That'll be the day

I think the Redskins might win the super bowl. Ha! That'll be the day.


Safe bet

Investing in that company is a safe bet. People will always buy toothpaste.


Touch and go

His condition at the hospital is touch and go. One moment they are thinking about releasing him, and the other they decide to keep him for longer.


Tie the knot

After ten years of dating they finally tied the knot.


Slip your mind

Your birthday totally slipped my mind. I'm so sorry I forgot!


Take some doing

You can't just say you're gonna do it. It's gonna take some doing.


Golden rule

One of my golden rules is to treat people like you would like to be treated.


Get the hang of

It's kinda hard to get the hang of the controls of this video game, but after awhile it gets easier.


Just like that

And just like that people stopped talking about invading Area 51 and posting the white cat memes.


Can't make head or tail of

I can't make heads or tails out of what he is trying to say. I'm so confused.


Have a go

Hey can I have a go? You've been playing for twenty minutes now.

We're gonna have a go if you keep bothering me.


Carry weight

You've got to learn to carry your weight around here. We can't just give everything to you without you working for something.


Take to heart

She took what he had to say to heart and decided to give the relationship another chance.