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Make a killing

He is making a killing at his new job as a consultant.


Make ends meet

I work two jobs just to make ends meet.


Get off the ground

We're trying to get our new business off the the ground.


Think on your feet

To be creative you need to be able to think on your feet quickly and to adapt to new situations.


Make up your mind

He is having a hard time making up his mind about the career he wants.


In the red/black

My bank account is in the red/black.


Feel the pinch

I'm really feeling the pinch this month with my finances.


Find your feet

Once I can find my feet, I'll be able to get back up and running smoothly.


In at the deep end

Johnny is really in at the deep end with this one. I don't know if he is going to be able to finish the project or not.


Sink or swim

When I first started teaching, it was sink or swim.


Big fish

This guy is the who's who of ESL teaching. He's a big fish.


On board

Once everyone is on board with the company directives, we will begin our new project.


Mind's eye

I can see the design in my mind's eye, and I think I'll be able to draw up some pretty good plans.