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DFAC report-in

“Sir(Ma'am), X Flight reports with a dining priority of X, we arrived at X, our accountability is X of X" “Will that be all, Sir(Ma'am)?"


DFAC last cadet at table

"Be seated" "Moment of Silence" "Enjoy your meal"


Entering room of opposite gender

"Gentleman(Lady) in the area" ...If not clear: "Please Standby" "All Clear"


Road Guard Procedures

"Road guards, don your gear." "Road guards, out" "Road guards, in" "Road guards, secure your gear"


Change of Command

"Cadet X, front and center" "Cadet Y, cadet X reports as ordered" "Take control of the flight" "Cadet X, Cadet Y requests permission to fall into the flight" "Fall into the rear of the flight" "At my command"


Reporting In

"Sir/Ma'am, Cadet Hagglund reports as ordered. Will that be all sir/ma'am?" If so, salute and render proper greeting of the day.


Stand-by Inspections

“Sir, X Flight is prepared for inspection.” “Sir, all flight areas have been inspected.”


7 Basic Responses

Yes, Sir. No, Sir. No excuse, Sir. Sir, I do not know. Sir, I do not understand. Sir, may I ask a question? Sir, may I make a statement?


Open Ranks Inspection

“Flight, Attention.” Greeting of the day. “Open ranks, March.” “Ready front.” “Sir, X Flight is prepared for inspection.” “Second and third elements, parade rest.” “Flight, Attention.” Greeting of the day. “Close ranks, March.”


PT Forming up the group

“Group.” “Squadron.” “Attention.” “Sir/Ma’am, Squadron X is ready for PT.” “I am the center, face the center, face.”


Exercise Procedures

“The first/next exercise of the day will be (exercise). It is a X-count exercise. We will perform X repetitions. Position of the exercise, MOVE!” “Ready, BEGIN!” “1...2...3...etc” “ONE” “SWITCH” “1...2...3...etc” “TWO, permission to recover?” “RECOVER” “AIR POWER”


Entrance Procedure

“Guidon bearer, secure the guidon and post the door.” OR “Guide, post the door.” “Column of files from the right (left), FORWARD.” “Forward, Stand Fast.” “March.”


Formal Drill Evaluation

"Cadet X, X Flight requests permission to enter the drill area." "Sir(Ma'am), X Flight is present for drill evaluation." "Sir(Ma'am), X Flight is ready for drill." "Sir(Ma'am), X Flight has completed the drill."


Enter barrack of opposite gender

Knock. ...If not clear: "Please Standby" "All Clear" New member: "Gentleman(Lady) in the area."


To pass through a group of people

“Sir(Ma’am, Gentlemen, Ladies) pardon me please.”


Auditorium Opening

Both GP/CC’s in turn: “Group [X], prepare for instruction.” “Group, Attention.”
GP/CC closer to lecturer: salute and “Sir/Ma’am, Field Training Unit _ is ready for instruction.”


Asking/Answering Questions in Auditorium

Raise hand. When called, state name and flight. Then make statement or question.


Auditorium Closing

Both GP/CC’s in turn: “Group X, prepare for dismissal.” “Group, Attention.”
Closer GP/CC: salute and “Sir/Ma’am, Field Training Unit _ is ready for dismissal.”
If the lecturer does not give the command to “carry on”, then the GP/CC must do so after the instructor leaves


Needing to pass a staffer or CTA obstructing the way in dorm hallway

“Sir/Ma’am, Cadet Hagglund requests permission to pass.” Pass and give the greeting of the day.


Passing a CTA or staffer in dorm hallway

Halt and come to attention as near the wall as possible. Give the greeting of the day.


Passing a CTA or staffer in dorm stairway

Keep moving and give the greeting of the day.


If the FTU/CC or a Colonel or General enters the foyer, dayroom, day-area, or hallway and there are 2+ cadets

Call the area to attention.


When FTU staff and other officers enter or leave a room

Call the room to attention.


I a cadet is alone in a room and an officer enters or leaves

Come to attention, but do not call the room to attention.