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The PFD members shall follow written directives of both PFD and the city of Phoenix and _________.

Operating manuals


PFD members shall not _______, ________, ________.

Abuse their sickleave


PFD members shall use their training capabilities to protect the public _________.

At all times, both on and off duty


PFD member shall keep themselves informed to do their jobs effectively, be concerned and protective of each members welfare, operate safely and use good judgment, and:

Be careful of department equipment and property


PFD members shall not engage in _____, ______, ______.

Any activity that is detrimental to the department

A conflict of interest to the department or use their position with the department for personal gain or influence

Exchanging any sexual activity while on duty


PFD member shall always conduct themselves in a manner that creates ________.

Good order, inside the department


Supervisors will manage in an effective, consider manner; subordinates will follow:

Instructions in a positive, cooperative manner


Employees shall not engagement outside work of a nature that could bring discredit upon the department or the city, or that could _______.

Be deemed a conflict of interest


Employees shall not engage in outside work at any location or employment which _______.

May bring the city into disrepute


What must not interfere with an employees assigned duties or work hours?

Outside employment


It is the policy of the PFD that supervisors administer discipline in what way?

Corrective, progressive and lawful manner


The principal objective of disciplinary action is to improve _______.

Performance, efficiency and moral


When a serious job performance problem is identified, the supervisor must decide whether to solve it through:


Employee assistance services

Non-disciplinary counseling or disciplinary action


Accusations or complaints of criminal or misconduct will be assign by the personnel chief to the:

Performance auditing section


With approval of the city manager, _______ has the discretion to suspend the employee (with pay) or reassign employee pending the outcome of the investigation.

Fire chief


If ________ grounds for suspicion exist, a member may be required by supervisors to submit to a blood or urine test to determine whether he/she is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances while on duty.



If a supervisor has reasonable grounds to believe that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol when reporting for work or during the work shift, the supervisor has the obligation to verify the employees condition and relieve the employee of his/her duties. This is called?

Supervisory responsibility


An employee who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs must not be allowed to operate or drive a vehicle, including a private vehicle, until ______.

Condition of the employee has been determined


The employee should be informed that refusal to take a drug screening and/or blood alcohol test or sign a release of information form, may face _______.

Disciplinary action up to and including dismissal


If a supervisor observes an employee who seems to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he should seek the opinion of _______.

At least one other supervisor


Factors to be considered in making decisions on disciplinary action are: seriousness of the offense, past practice of the PFD in dealing with similar offenses and _______

Members past history with the department


A supervisor may elect to document with a memo counseling. This memo o counseling may be placed in _______.

The employees district or personnel file


If the member refuses to sign a formal written reprimand, the supervisor must obtain a ______.

Witness signature on the document


Management and supervisory personnel will attempt to service and resolve complaints at the _______ level in the department.

Lowest appropriate


If a complaint pertains to a serious misconduct, who will be notified immediately?

Performance auditing section

Personnel control officer


The city's claims adjuster will investigate claims over _______ and estimates will not be required



Proof of medical treatment shall be required for any leave extending over ______ shifts.



Emergency sickleave is provided to allow a FD member a reasonable amount of time off to cope with emergencies of a critical nature which affect a member's ______.

Immediate family


When a member needs to make arrangements for the home care of a family member or to cope with a minor or short-term emergency, a maximum of _______ sickleave will be allowed.

10 hours


A department member who has been off on extended sick leave for ______ will be required to submit to a medical examination by the city physician or a physician designated.

30 days