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8 - Birthday: language

“these are the kinds of litanies I use, to compose myself”

“this is a reconstruction”


8 - Birthday: freedom

“on this day we can do anything we want. I revise that: within limits”

“sometimes you can find things out, on birth days”

“someone has spiked the grape juice”


8 - Birthday: Freedom in red centre

“women being raped, beaten up, killed”

“Moira had power now, she’d been set loose, she’d set herself loose”

“Their power had a flaw to it”

“already we were losing the taste for freedom, already we were finding these walls secure”


8 - Birthday: dystopia giving birth

“No anaesthetics even”

“the chances are one in four”


8 - Birthday: women giving birth

“she glows like a moon in cloud”

“that whiny Bitch Janine”

“little whores, all of them”

“Birthing stool… back one raised like a throne”


8 - Birthday: women after giving birth

“never be sent to the colonies”

“she’ll be allowed to nurse the baby, for a few months, they believe in mother’s milk”


8 - Birthday: wives

“something has to be done to dispel their envy”

“they massage her tiny belly, just as if she’s really about to give birth herself”

“as if it’s a bouquet of flowers: something she’s won”


8 - Birthday: aunts

“for every rule there is always an exception… the Aunts are allowed to read and write”


8 - Birthday: Cora

“she hopes, and I am the vehicle for her hope” …

“would rather have the disapproval, I feel more worthy of it”


8 - Birthday: religion

“it was from the bible, or so they said”


8 - Birthday: mob mentality

“the muscles in our backs and bellies hurt from the strain”

“we are no longer single”

“we are one smile, tears run down our cheeks, we are so happy”


8 - Birthday: wives power

“the baby, washed now and quiet, is placed ceremoniously in her arms”
“It’s the wives who do the naming”


8 - Birthday: commanders powers

“we are for breeding purposes: we aren’t concubines”

“To want is to have a weakness”

“I win the first game, I let him win the second”


8 - Birthday: Rebellion

“an oasis of the forbidden”

“the counters are like candies”
“the feeling is voluptuous”

“I think about the blood coming out of him, hot as soup, sexual, over my hands”


8 - Birthday: Offred's mum

“you were a wanted child”

“accused me of being a pronatalist”

“a man is just a woman’s strategy for making other women”


9 - Night: Rebellion

“I must forget about my secret name and all ways back”


9 - Night: women

“I have viable ovaries. I have one more chance”


9 - Night: make up

“carefully made up, heavy mascara”

“What I remember now, most of all, is the makeup”


9 - Night: Power

“Men are sex machines, said Aunt Lydia… you must learn to manipulate them for your own good”

“man who had supervised one of the camps”

“How easy it is to invent a humanity, for anyone at all”


5 - soul scrolls: dissent

“small mean-minded bitter jokes about her”

“such magazines had all been destroyed”

“what was in them was promise"


5 - soul scrolls: Rebellion

“do you think god listens… to these machines?”


“you were always so stinking pious”

“There is an us then, there’s a we”


5 - soul scrolls: failed rebellion

“sad graffiti, scrawled once, abandoned”

"That’s just a joke”


5 - soul scrolls: flowers

“Whatever is silenced will clamour to be heard, though silently”

“some Kamikaze, committed on the swelling genitalia of the flowers?”


5 - soul scrolls: wives

“the difficulty is the wife, as always”

“they get sick a lot… it adds interest to their lives”

“felt guilty about her. I felt I was an intruder”


5 - soul scrolls: Marthas

“The Marthas don’t want to be forced to retire, because who knows where they go?”


5 - soul scrolls: power of the commander

“the first time, I realised, he’d let me win”

“truly ignorant of the real conditions under which we lived”

“what I have on him is his guilt”


5 - soul scrolls: power of the commander's wife

“transgressions of the women in the household… under the jurisdiction of the wives alone”

“I now had a power over her… and I enjoyed that”


5 - soul scrolls: commander as human

“who else could I show it to?”

“He was no longer a thing to me. That was the problem”


5 - soul scrolls: Handmaids

“I knew I was dispensable”
“Our skin gets very dry”

“If your dog dies, get another”


5 - soul scrolls: dystopia

“could they all be extinct, like the whales? I’ve heard that rumour”

“but vacant, it also has potential, like a storm approaching”