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Discipline is to be motivated by:

Love and Concern for the child


Disciple should not be motivated by

Personal Frustration
Wrath or Anger
Personal Discomfort


When a single parent dates or decides to marry, the potential spouse must completely understand that:

They are not only choosing a spouse, but also choosing a "ready-made" family


Crisis is:

1. Turning Point
2. an emotionally, significant event or radical change in a person's life
3. an unstable or crucial time in which a decisive change is impending with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome.


A mid life crisis is a time of

High Risk for marriage


When does crisis come?

Men: early-mid 40s
Women: Usually late 30's to early 40's; can be brought on by life experiences

It is not so much a matter of chronological age as it is the state of minds


Factors that can produce stress or cause a crisis for women:

Cultural view of women
Unhappy marriage or lack of marriage
Demands from children and their growing independence
Career priorities
An accumulation of traumatic losses
Urgency of inner clock to accomplish life dreams
Colliding emotions


Mid-Life Crisis Survival Traits

Commitment to stay married and keep the marriage a high prioity
Ability to Communicate
Personal Spiritual life
Resolving conflicts
Relationships with other people
Sexual intimacy
Sharing fun, leisure, and humor
Realistic expectations
Serving each other
Growing personally


The empty nest stage can

Be a bleak and lonely period, especially for women. This peoriod should be looked at as a time of adjustment


Retire to something not

from something