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What are the antecedents of Professionalism? (8)

Self awareness, Personal values, Professional Values, Ethical values, Nursing Social Contract, Communication, Skills and knowledge, High level of integrity.


The assimilation of nursing skills and knowledge integrated with dignity and respect for all human beings incorporating the assumptions and values of the profession while maintaining accountability and self-awareness.



What are the attributes of Professionalism? (10)

Competence, Patient focused, Clear and accurate communication, Critical thinking, Accountability, Responsibility, Lifelong learning, Caring, Advocacy, Teaching.


What are the 4 major roles of a professional nurse as outlined by the Differentiated Essential Competencies (CED's)

Member of the profession, Provider of patient-centered care, Patient safety advocate, Member of the health care team


These are established by the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) and are the standards that nursing education programs must meet to receive and maintain TBON approval.

Differential Essential Competencies (DEC's0


Effective demonstration by the time of graduation, of knowledge, judgement, skills, and professional values derived from nursing and the general education content. (TBON)



What is the purpose of each states Board of Nursing?

To protect the public by regulating the education, licensure, and continuing practice of the licensed nurse.


When was the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) established?



What are the sub concepts of Professionalism? (4)

Roles, Professional Comportment, Scope of practice, Stakeholders


These are the critical components of the major concept.

Sub concepts


Concepts which can affect change in the other,
Concepts which work together to ensure a normal process,
Concepts which if depleted or impaired can cause a negative consequence in the other

Interrelated concepts


Which kind of authority provides advice, council, guide, and assist line authority. They do not make management decisions for the organization.

Staff Authority


This type of authority participates in the decision making and retains the decision making authority.

Line Authority