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What 3 thing so u have to look for to see if is a kosher cow

1) it must be perfectly red
2) there can’t be a single blemish
3) the cow can never have had a yoke on it


Who would it be slaughtered by and......

It would be slaughtered by a regular person but the Kohen would have the Kavona and supervise it


Were would it be shechted?

Outside all three camps on Har hazaysim


Procedure of gathering blood

He gathers blood in his left hand and dips his right, index finger in and sprinkles it in the direction of the haychal.


Give a point about the pariah Adoma on the fire

The fire consumes the entire pariah Adoma


The kohen takes..... and asks.....

The kohen takes a cedar strip, hyssop and red string and asks three times if each of them r what they are!


The kohen ties....... and throws.......... in

The kohen ties, Cedar hyssop and red string while the bundle is burning he throw these thing into the bundle


The Ashes were divided into...... parts who got what and what were the Ashes mixed with

The Ashes are divided into 12 parts they were put in the following places
- courtyard of the Bis Hamigdash to serve as a testimony for all generations to see
- divided amongst the kohanim, so cud become pure at any time
- placed on the Har hazasim for all Benny yosroel to become pure at anytime
The Ashes were mixed with fresh spring water


How would they become pure again???? And when wud they be

Anyone one who was involved in this process became in-pure. They had to pure themselves by washing themselves, immersing there cloths and that evening they would become pure again