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Commission Length

Initial 12 years
20 years or upto 40 whichever is later
or up to retirement age 55 yo


Training Pipleine

Term 1: Initial training featuring BLD and ABLE (14 weeks)

Term 2: 10 weeks of Initial Fleet Time (ending in Fleet Board), then back to BRNC for 4 including MARL (14 weeks total)

Passing out parade.

IWO(F): Initial Warfare Officer Foundation Course consisting of various educational and academic training modules. (14 weeks at BRNC)

SFT: Specialist Fleet Time - Role specific training (6-8 months depending on ship programme)

IWO: Initial Warfare Officer Course at HMS Collingwood including Nav Sea Week, various other modules like OOD, Comms, DO etc. (13 weeks)

If you get a Nav recommend it is possible you might get a Navs job on a small ship, alternatively you could specialise in one of the sub-roles within the warfare branch (FC, HMO, Mine warfare etc) or go on to another OOW job in general service.