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What is "addiction"

Continued repetition of a behaviour despite adverse consequences


In terms of addiction, what is ambivalence?

Having two contradictory views about their addiction


What is "dependence"?

Use of a substances takes on a much higher priority than other behaviours that once had greater value


What makes a substance addictive?

1. Pleasure producing potency
2. Rapid onset of action
3. Short duration of action
4. Tolerance and withdrawal


What is positive reinforcement?

A favourable outcome after a desirable behaviour


What is negative reinforcement?

Removing a negative stimulus after a desirable behaviour


All addictive drugs lead to an increase of which neurotransmitter and where?

Dopamine produced in the Ventral Tegmental Area, acting on the nucleus accumbens


Why is a Variable Reinforcement Schedule more addictive than a Fixed Reinforcement Schedule?

Random intervals and random size payoff. Most animals will take a little risk for a small reward


What factors influence the Societal Consumption of Alcohol?

Price (reduction of price per year)
Availability (increased)