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whats the right hand thumb rule

Right Hand Thumb Rule: The direction of magnetic field; in relation to direction of electric current through a straight conductor can be depicted by using the Right Hand Thumb Rule. It is also known as Maxwell’s Corkscrew Rule.

If a current carrying conductor is held by right hand; keeping the thumb straight and if the direction of electric current is in the direction of thumb, then the direction of wrapping of other fingers will show the direction of magnetic field


describe the magnetic effect on current

electric current also produces magnetic effect. The magnetic effect of electric current is known as electromagnetic effect.
A current carrying straight conductor has magnetic field in the form of concentric circles; around it. Magnetic field of current carrying straight conductor can be shown by magnetic field lines.

The direction of magnetic field through a current carrying conductor depends upon the direction of flow of electric current. The direction of magnetic field gets reversed in case of a change in the direction of electric current.


Properties of magnetic fields the first two being electrmagnetic

The magnitude; of magnetic field increases with increase in electric current and decreases with decrease in electric current.
The magnitude of magnetic field; produced by electric current; decreases with increase in distance and vice-versa. The size of concentric circles of magnetic field lines increases with distance from the conductor, which shows that magnetic field decreases with distance.
Magnetic field lines are always parallel to each other.
No two field lines cross each other.
Magnetic field due to current through a circular loop: