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"Competitive strategy is about being... . It means deliberately choosing a .... to deliver a .... .

different... different set of activities... unique mix of value - Porter.


How do the context, content and process relate to strategy?

It is where the organisation operates, what strategy is adopts, and how that strategy is developed and implemented.


What is the difference between corporate-level, business-level strategy?

Corporate - concerned with examining the overall purpose and scope of an organisation in order to identify that industries to operate in.
Business - concerned with how the organisation will compete in the chosen industry(its).


Strategy process concerns with how the strategy will be ... and ... .

developed... who will be involved.


What are the three main themes of a strategy statement?

1. The fundamental goals.
2. The scope of the organisation's activities.
3. The advantages or capabilities the organisation has.


Competitive strategy is...

performing activities differently or different activities


Why is competitive positioning criticised?

For being too static for today's dynamic markets and changing technologies.


What is the difference between variety-based, needs-based, and access-based positioning

1. May only meet a subset of needs
2. Serves a groups entire needs
3. Similar needs but different configurations


Trade-offs arise because

1. Inconsistencies in image or reputation will confuse customers or undermine reputation
2. Different positions require different product configurations


What is "easy" growth?

Adding hot features without adapting them to the strategy, or target customers to which the company has little to offer


Organisations face uncertainty in...

... emerging industries or in a business undergoing revolutionary technological changes.