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Main areas of focus for global governance

Financial stability
Protect human rights
Trade and investment inequality
Environmental issues
Civil conflict


Operational NGOs

Raise money and implement projects themselves
i.e. Water Aid


Advocacy NGOs

Focus on campaigns to raise awareness
i.e. WWF


Why are NGO's needed in a globalised world?

Human rights need protecting
Provide essential services to the most needy
No bias
Learn from their mistakes and they do the same thing everywhere- experts


193 countries have signed the UN Charter, what are its key points?

Maintain global peace and security
Cooperation to solve international problems
Develop friendly relations between nations
Bring countries together to settle disputes


List some of the 8 Millennium Development Goals

Eradicate extreme poverty
Achieve universal primary education
Combat HIV and other diseases


Problems with Millennium Development Goals

Many not met (designed to be ambitious)
Outdated- $1 in 2000 worth less than now
Needs changed- i.e. electricity


2015 Sustainable Development Goals key themes

Reducing environmental impact i.e. renewable energy
Reducing inequality


UN Environment Programme

Raises issues i.e. global warming
Funds IPCC- 5,000 scientists research + advise governments


WTO Main Aims

Combat exploitative practices
Remove protectionist policies
Settle disputes


World Summit on Sustainable Development key points

Government run
Reinvigorates global commitment to sustainable development
Assess progress on sustainable development goals


Kyoto Protocol, 1992 Key Points

Control emissions of anthropogenic GHG's
Increased global awareness + stimulates research
Could harm economies
US dropped out (25%), encourages other nations to follow


Paris Agreement, 2015 Key Points

Legally binding climate deal, 2020
Countries work together
Hold temp increase to 1.5 oc max
Review every 5 years


How much have HIC's pledged each year to LIC's to adapt to climate change in Paris Agreement?

$100 billion