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The Nile River impacted the culture of ancient Egyptians in many ways. What is a clear example showing how geography influences culture?


The Nile River was so important to Egyptians that they worshipped a god named Hapi, who was the god of the yearly flood.


In Hong Kong people live on an island. How has the geography influenced the culture of the people living there?

They eat a lot of sea food, built temples to honor sea gods, have dragon boat festivals, live in big apartment buildings because there's not much flat land for houses.


The Inuit live in the very cold parts of northern Alaska, Greenland, and Iceland. What would you expect of their culture?

They wear very thick clothing and can withstand cold weather.


If several provinces in China have a lot of bamboo or tea growing in it, how would this impact Chinese culture?

Chinese culture includes drinking tea daily. Bamboo is used as a common building resource.


If the geography of an area has a lot of clay, what would you expect of the culture of the people living there?

They are experts in making pottery.


Which geographical feature is found most often in China?



What is a clear example of people living near the ocean having their culture impacting their geography?

Not only will their diet rely on seafood, but they will be skilled in making and sailing boats.


What is it about China’s geography that has resulted in milk not being part of the diet?

Unlike the USA which has a lot of flat land for cows to graze, China does not have flat land in climates suitable for cows.


The geography of an area has many forests, which means you would expect the architecture of the buildings to use what material?



In the mountainous areas of China not much flat land exists for farming, what did farmers learn to do so they could grow small crops?

Terrace farming: cutting into the sides of mountains to make small flat plots of land for farming.


If a civilization has many plains and rivers, what would you expect of their culture?

They rely on agriculture and know how to irrigate successfully.


Is culture the same thing as civilization?

No, culture is a part of a civilization. It's what makes one civilization different from another. For example, Ancient Egyptian culture is quite different from Ancient Greek culture, but they're both civilizations.


The climate of the southeastern region of China is warm and wet, which makes it perfect for growing which crop?



Which geographical feature has been most important to the success of the first civilizations?



Which of the following is NOT an example of a physical feature of Earth that impact culture? landforms climate natural vegetation politics



Which of these is not an example of geography influencing Chinese culture?

tea drinking

Tin Hau sea god temples

amazing acrobats

bamboo used as building material