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Which one is correct about joint in maya?

After bind the skin with the joint, every vertex on the skin will have weights from the joints, each joint can have different weight on different vertex, weight is ranged from 0 to 1, a value of 1 means full control, a value of 0 means no control, a value of 0.5 means 50% control, the weight can be changed by painting weight.


Which one is NOT correct about rigging.

rigging is building joints, bind joints with skins and create controllers, so every rig needs joints to start


What is wrong about weight painting?

If you have the joint you don't what to change, lock it to keep it safe.


What is IK and FK

IK means use the end joint to control the rotation of it's parent joints. FK means general parent system.


what is right about nameing convention

You can have your own ways of naming, but it needed to be consistant


What is right about weighting

Subtraction is dangerous, you may only want to use it to tweek small areas.


What happens if you have both IK and FK created on the arm

Normally IK will take over the control, but you can use IK FK blend to blend between IK and FK


What is right about our spine rig

The hierarchy is(low to high): joint chain -> spline curve -> cluster-> controller.


why we need two groups on the finger ?

The first group is used for set driven key so we can have an extra layer of control of the fingers


What is wrong about set driven key?

It's just like keying in animation, but instead of keying along time, it keys along the attribute of anonther object.


What is wrong about ik fk switch

For the arm,IK and FK should all follow the chest.


What is right about constrain?

you can have multiple constrains on a single object


What is the benifit of creating 3 joint chain for leg or arms?

because that is the only way we can have an IK FK blend


How to find the right location for the IK knee controller?

creat a triangle pologon that has it's 3 vertex snaped to the 3 joints on the leg, and then drag the vertex on the knee out using the N direction of the nromal axis mode to move it out alittle bit. and the right location should be right at the position of that vertex


What is the the IK driver joints are doing on the foot?

they serve as extra povit to rotate based on


what is the idea to fix the orientation of the controller on the ankle

you have to disable the control they have on the joints, and then create a group for the controller, use locator to align their group to the right orientation. after that, you can get every thing back.


What's the result of 16 to the power of 0.5?



If I scale the joint of the neck on the X direction n times, what's the scale Y and Z should be to maintain the vloume of the neck?

1/ (n^0.5)


what's the proper way to rig eyes?

use single chain IK


What's the shape of the eye brow should like when you rise it up

like a curve


How do we connect the blendshape with the rigged head?

We create a master reciver, connect all the blendshapes to the master reciver first, and then connect the master reciver to the rigged head.


what is wrong about blendshapes

blendshape only works for pologon.


why do we need a facial control window.

we need it because it makes it so much easier to select and move facial controllers.


How many blendshape should we create for facial expressions?

depends on the animation you need.


What is the benefit of blendshapes compare to joint based rig?

you can define specific shapes


What is a color blend node?

It blends two Vector types together, but you can use individual channels as well.


What it a condition node?

It will compare two values, if the comparsion fufills the operation, then output True, other wise, output False.


What is right about topology?

The edge flow should support the model to deform properly.


What actually happens when you are getting double transformation on the spine.

The spine curve is scaled up twice


What's the right way to align a controller to a joint?

parent the controller under the joint, and then, zero out the translations of the controller, after that, group the controller and unparent the group.