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What are the 3 types of risk assessments

Nationally produced.

Locally produced risk assessment.
Produced by local fire authority

Dynamic risk assessment.
Done by the IC


What are the 5 steps to a DRA

1. Evaluation of the situation,task and person at risk.

2. Select safe systems of work.

3. Assess the chosen system of work.

4. Introduce additional control measures.

5. Reassess systems of work and additional control meaures.


What is operational discretion

To achive specific objectives, operational discreation empowers individuals to adapt or move away from operational policy, if it is justifiable in terms of risk v benefit.


What two things are risk assessments used to consider impacts on the brigade in relation to.

Public expectation


What is a hazard

Something with the potential to cause harm.


What is a risk.

The measure of likelihood that harm from a particular hazard will occur and the possible severity of the harm


What is a risk assessment

The process od identifying hazards and who,what is at risk from those hazards and the likely severity of thay risk and control measures required to minimise or eliminate the risk.


What is risk/benifit analysis

A comparrisssion betwen the risk assessment and the potential benifits from a course of action.


What is SSOW

Safe systems of work
A method of working designed to eliminate or reduce risk.


What is decision logging

A means to record decisions and the rationale behind them at incidents.


What is proffesional judgement

Intelligent application of relevant training, knowleadge and experience within the context of operational experience, training to make calculated decsion


What is the safe person concept

The right person doing the right job with the right equipment at the right time.


What 5 things are the responsibility crew members with regards to DRA

ID hazards
Evaluate risk
Select SSOW
Implement action to eliminate or control risk
Evaluate how effective that action is


Where may use of ops discretion be used.

Rescue saveable life, where implement full policy would lead to delay and greater injury or life being lost.

Tackle a known small fire through pre emptive strike, where policy would lead to delay and create higher levels of risk.

Where no action by brigade may cause the public to place themselves at risk and esculate incident.


When using ops discretion where must this be recorded.

On key decision log