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What purpose does and asset plan serve in the property management industry?

An asset plan provides direction for successful real estate by analyzing a property in relation to its market and matching owner objectives to property management.


Why is it important for asset managers to review rent rolls in analyzing a property's current state.

Rent rolls list details about each lease. A review of rent rolls allows property managers to reconcile rent roll data to actual leases and determine if there are lease provisions which negatively impact the performance of the property.


What are several aspects of a property that should be evaluated in a physical property review?

curb appeal
interior quality
mechanical records
foundation and exterior
compliance with disability legislation
property operations
vacant space
tenant feedback
building plans
aerial photo inspection


What is R/U factor and what is the average R/U factor?

*RU=rent-able area/usable area. Also called load factor.
*Usable area refers to the total area in a tenants space.
*Rent-able area includes a proportional share of common space within the building
*12-18% is considered competitive.


Identify the purpose of an asset plan and three key components of the plan.

The plan provides the necessary direction for successful real estate management.
1) Legal document inspection
2) Physical property review
3) Market Analysis


What are the legal documents that asset managers should review to assist them in developing an effective asset management plan and evaluating a property's status.

ownership documents
environmental report
disability legislation and regulation
pending litigation
monthly reporting package
operating history
soils report
title report


Explain how an asset manager evaluates a property's fit into the overall market.

By conducting a market analysis including comparable properties, economic statistics (population, trends, job growth, etc.), and real estate statistics (sqft market size, current and historical vacancy rates, average rent, new buildings under construction, absorption rate).


What budget documents should be reviewed as a part of the legal inspection portion of developing an asset plan?

current rent roll
stacking plan (floor by floor building layout)
maintenance and management contracts
capital budget
ground leases (lease where tenant leases vacant land)
debt service


What type of information is found in a Phase I ESA?

A listing of all environmental issues associated within a property-asbestos, underground tanks, lead pant, mold, and PCBs.


Describe the purpose of the market analysis in evaluating the current status of a property.

To determine how a subject property compares to other buildings in a market.


What are some economic statistics that an asset manager may review in the market analysis process?

population statistics
employment data
job growth
major market employers
other relevant statistics


Identify the types of real estate statistics that are important to an asset manager's market analysis.

total size, in sqft, of the market
current and historical vacancy rates
average market rent
average concession packages
new buildings in construction
historical and projected absorption rates
economic condition of the market
market commissions to leasing agents and brokers


Define absorption rate.

The rate at which space available for lease is taken off the market in a given geographic area during a given period.


Define cure period.

The mount of time it takes a market to achieve a relative equilibrium.


Explain what is involved in a market analysis of competing properties.

A comparison of 4 to 6 comparable properties with onsite inspections.


Describe areas that are reviewed in a market analysis of competing properties.

floor plates-size and shape of the building
R/U factor
utility usage
electrical/data capacity
security and life safety
floor loading
basic construction
concessions and ammenitites


Explain how thermostat control has changed in recent years.

There has been a shift from pneumatic controls to direct digital control (DDC)
*DDC uses a central command station with a much quicker response time and more accurate readings.
*DDC also issues alarms.


Define payback period.

The time required to recover initial, out-of-pocket costs on an investment.


Define floor loading.

How much weight a floor can hold.


Describe how an asset manager uses the asset plan and its components to address owner objectives.

He compares the two to identify areas in the property that need improvement or are potentially problematic.


Describe the key aspect of the implementation phase of an asset management plan.

Selecting the right team to implement the plan.

Property manager and leasing agent-the asset manager directs and monitors both.