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Five skin types

• dry
• normal
• combo
• sensitive
• oily skin



A professional service designed to improve and rejuvenate the skin.


Facial Benefits

• Maintains skin health.
• Corrects skin conditions.
• Deep cleansing.
• Exfoliates.
• Increases circulation and detoxifies.
• Relaxes sense, nerves, and muscles.
• Slows down premature aging.
• Helps clear blemishes and minor acne.
• Clinical services focus on corrective skin treatment.
• Spa treatments focus more on relaxation.


Esthetician Skills and Knowledge

• Skin histology
• Skin analysis
• Skin care products
• Contraindications
• Technological advances
• Facial equipment
• Client relations and communications
• Massage techniques
• Retailing and client consultations
• Education
• Continuing education


Facial Treatment Protocol

1. Speak quietly and professionally.
2. Explain benefits and answer questions.
3. Provide skin analysis and educational consultation.
4. Work quietly and efficiently.
5. Make clients warm and comfortable.
6. Maintain neat and clean conditions.
7. Warm hands before touching client.
8. Keep nails smooth.
9. Remove jewelry during treatments.
10. Follow systematic procedures.
11. Use moderation.
12. Use appropriate pressure.
13. Follow smooth, consistent patterns.
14. Apply and remove products neatly.
15. Avoid water and product drips.
16. Genuinely focus on client’s needs.
17. Give client full attention at all times.


Meeting and Greeting Clients

• Approach with a smile.
• Keep personal issues to self.
• Introduce self to new clients.
• Greet returning clients by name.
• Use a brief, warm handshake.
• Take new clients on quick tour.
• Be yourself.


Preparing the Client

Escort client to changing area.
Explain what clothing needs to be removed.
Instruct client how to prepare for the treatment and how to put on facial wrap.
Show client how to get on bed.