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When to turn up?



First thing to do

Get keys from porters and turn on toastie bar washer


How do you turn on the bar lights?

Fish eye key


What do you do when first arriving to the bar?

Get till keys from safe opposite ice machine and open till


What has to be turned on behind the bar?

Washer at the wall (upstairs as well), switch on back of Jaeger machine, fridge lights, beer tap lights (top of transformer under the taps on far left of main Bar)


What has to be turned on in front of the bar?

Toastie Bar lights, lights under seats (switch in far corner of the bar) and quiz machine


How is beer prepared?

Clips for real ale to be twisted to front, turn taps from 12 to 3 o'clock, put tap nozzles on (bass has 5 holes) and pour half pint through each beer line


What must be restocked in the bar?

Fridges and optics where required, crisps from Bar Office, straws, napkins, plastic cups and shot glasses, ice bucket


What must staff do?

Empty bins and cardboard, put down seats and stools, and cleaned dirty services, put t-shirt on


What to do if door staff?

Pass them box and documents by ice machine, contact Pat if not


What are the last things to do when opening the bar?

Inspect it for bags and suspicious things, and make sure door is open


How to use sound system?

Adastra sound, zones 1 and 2 for main bar and 3 for toastie


How to replace an optic?

Pull down on silver screw and slide optic out, pull optic nozzle out and then do in reverse. Keep Russian Standard bottles


How to change soft drink syrup?

Follow instructions on side of box, make sure the front of the box is placed just being the lip at the front of each rack


How to change gas?

Door - grey for beer, green for bar
Far side - grey for soft drinks
Close valve at top of canister (clockwise turn), with canister facing you, unscrew pipe with mallet and hammer, remove chain from old canister and do in reverse


How to tell if gas is gone?

Drinks flow slower and are flat, meter above canister in the red


How to change a keg?

Check if not gas issue and check for empty keg, switch off respective gas, take seal off the new keg, detach keg coupler and reattach new keg, turn on gas, push down firmly on button on top of plastic beer fob/chamber until filled, push plunger at bottom so buoy floats to the top and then pull plunger back down again


Which kegs are special and how?

Hoegaarden and middle tap, turn switch at top instead and turn it off once chamber has filled


What to do with bad real ale?

Turn it off and leave for Emilia


What to do with a lack of change?

Note from till, swap with bag of coins in safe and write on till sheet


What to do with mistakes?

Write on till sheet


Free drinks?

Report to Kavi


What to do with injuries?

First aid kit and Accident Report Log and maybe porter


What checks to rooms are made?

Quad, garden and bar areas every 30 minutes, bogs every hour



Campus card take, then yellow kit used below bottle shelves


Staff fail to turn up?

Contact Pat to blacklist


Standing on stools?

Turn music down, ask to leave and porter if necessary


What to do with drunks?

Do not serve, try to help with water, maybe welfare


What to tell staff at start of shift?

Challenge 25 policy


What to do with incidents?

Incidents section of shift report sheet