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When was the first Fort Laramie treaty?



What did the Sioux promise in the first fort Laramie treaty?

- not to attack settlers on the California trails.
- allow the building of some roads and forts in their territory.


What did the government promise in the first fort Laramie treaty?

- to protect the Sioux hunting areas from settlers
- pay an annual subsidy.


Why did the first for Laramie treaty fail?

- increased settlers going out west for gold rush, farming and manifest destiny.
- Government didn’t speak for the natives and didn’t stop travellers staying on the trails.
- USA didn’t hold there end of the bargain.


What year did the homestead act start?



What was the homestead act?

To give lots of free land to people if they go out west and make a successful farm after 5 years.


Why did the government support settlement on the plains?

To expand America, link east and west for trading, better for economy, better for the whole nation.


When was the transcontinental railroad built?



Some problems and solutions to the transcontinental railroad:

MOUNTAINS IN THE WAY- planed the route at the est through mountains. WORKERS - employed hard working cheap Chinese.
THE SIOUX - cant get across there section of land without attacks.
GAMBLING, PROSTITUTION and DISTRACTIONS - easterners shot people.


What were the impacts on America from the transcontinental railroad?

- more people will be tempted to move out west near the stations.
- increased trade
- unites America - trade is easier
- crossing America goes from 6 months to 7 days.


When was the sandcreek massacre?



What happened in the fetterman massacre?

At forte mckerney, he tried to attack the Sioux and attack them however, he walked into a trap and crazy horse and his men then killed them all.


Who tried to stop fetterman attacking?

Carrington. Fetterman was his (line manager)


What happened in the mountain meadow massacre?

- in 1857
- Mormons militia attacked non- Mormon settlers, and killed all of them accept children they adopted.
- they then blamed the Indians as they had no eye witnesses survive.


Who was the civil war between?

North and south.


What were the 6 causes of the American civil war?

- slavery
- abolitionists
- sectionalism
- westward expansion
- 1860 election
- secession.


Why did slavery cause the war?

- north wanted to abolish slavery like rest of the world were doing.
- south relied on slaves for there economy and society.
- This disagreement would lead to the south wanting to leave the USA if they change the laws.


How did abolitionists cause the war?

The norths abolitionists infuriates the south as Tubman stole slaves and took them to the north, making the south plantation owners lose money. This could do lead to conflict.


How did sectionalism cause war?

The north and south were very different places and disagreed on things like, slaves, union, railroad, hunting and they are economically different as well. This would divide there political views and make the 1860 election even more vital, leading to conflict.


When and what was the Missouri compromise?

- 1820
- they drew a line on a map of America and anything above is a non slave state and anything below is a slave state.


1850 compromise:

New states out west had to now vote wether to be a non slave state or a slave state.


what was the fugitive slave act?

Any escaped slaves and to be returned, this made south slave owners happy.


When and what happened in Kansas?

In 1854, Kansas had to vote wether to be a slave state or not. There were campaigners there from both sides and there was violent uprising. Then they voted free of slaves this angered the south especially as Nebraska was a free state as well, this lead to conflict.


The 1860 election.

Lincoln was elected as there were more non slave states than slave states. This angered the south as they cant get the views or laws through politics. This lead to the succession.


Secession of the south:

They left in the December of 1860 and then the north attacked in 1861 in April to start the war.


Effect of the civil war on the northerners:

- lost lots of men.
- slight shortage of workers.
- women worked in factories
- tax went up.


Effect of the civil war on the southererns:

- lost lots of men.
- every man had to fight in the war.
- they couldn’t do business as no slaves, they lost 2 billion in value.
- south farms were destroyed.
- northerners cut there food supply
- went into poverty as economy was so low.


Effect of civil war on African Americans?

- recruited to fight for north.
- some made to fight for south.
- slaves were freed.
- went on to be share croppers in south, move out west or move to north for work.


Effect the civil war had on women?

- didn’t go to war worked and did the male jobs in society.
- they were paid higher wages.


How was the southern economy after the civil war?

Very badly damaged.
- lost 2 billion in slaves.
- lost business with Europe selling cotton and tobacco.
- inflation occurred.
- lack of food shortages.
- southern land was destroyed.
- poverty.