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When you show up to the aircraft, you notice that the mechanic has added an MEL to the aircraft log book it is not reflected on the release. What is the appropriate action?

Contact your dispatcher to receive an amendment to the release


Each release is that wood from ——- hour before until ——- hours After the estimated time of departure

1, 3


When is an alternate required?

1 hr before
1 hr after ETA


What happens if your fuel on board goes below min block on the release?

Get more fuel or amend it


When must we have two alternates with that on the release?

When the forecast reports marginal weather at the destination and first alternate (600/2) or when we are dispatched under exemption 3585


Had an airport with two standard CAT 1 ILS approachs available (with 200 & 1/2) what is the lowest allowable weather forecast which would qualify that your point is a legal alternate?



If an airport only has one precision approach available what is the lowest allowable weather forecast which would qualify the airport is the legal alternate? (200 & 1/2)



Sometimes the forecast and Dave condition with her remarks that are below landing minimums. By listing a second alternate using exemption 3585, we are still able to dispatch as long as the weather in the —— is above minimum, and the weather in the remarks is no less than ——- the required mins.

Main body


Before excepting reroute via a coded departure route, the flight crew must

Compare the ETE listed on the CDR with the dispatcher lease ETE and adjust MOT as appropriate, and also ensure ability to take off with the min take off fuel shown for the route


Before excepting a reroute via a SERMN route, the flight crew must...

Coordinate with dispatch prior to take off for new fuel burn and release amendment


How many documents and what are they that are contained in a standard briefing package?

Five documents
MET (wx package)
GRAPH (the map)


If a pilot receives a new operational flight plan version, is he or she required to receive all five standard documents with the new release?

No. Numerous drivers for the new release versions will only require a new release version. Existing documents can remain the same in many instances


On the OFP, under fuel penalties, what does “PER 1,000 lb —- +209 mean?

It means for every 1,000 pounds of fuel added about the plan amount, the planned total fuel burn will increase by 209 pounds


On the OFP under fuel penalties, what does 10kt +368 +00:04 mean?

The aircraft will burn an extra 368 pounds of fuel and arrive four minutes late if the forecasted headwinds are 10 kn greater than planned during the entire duration of the flight


On the operational flight plan, taxi out fuel is based on?

Single engine Taxi with the APU running


You are dispatched using method to. The terrain Document shows a critical terrain scenario between M 2–1 and M2 Dash two. How are the corresponding decision points indicated on the operational flight plan nav log?

As T-1 and T-2 Respectively. The given critical terrain scenario is that portion of the flight between T1 and T2


A pilot from another airline request the jumpseat, but they are not in CASS

They will not be permitted to ride in the cockpit and they will be provided a seat in the back


How do you file a flight crew irregularity report FCIR?

Go to and follow the link to submit safety a report


When scheduling issues arise the best way to contact Crew Services is to call?



At least one flight crew member must have at least 75 hours in part 121 operations in aircraft type, true or false?



You are flying with a captain who has less than 100 hours of PIC time in part 121 operations. What actions should you take in calculating your minimums?

Consult the high minimum is Captain QRH procedure


Who should crew members contact if I dispute arises regarding the transportation of a customer with a disability?



When the PIC and CRO do not agree on a solution handling a customer with a disability, what additional steps should be taken to ensure compliance?

Call the medaire CRO assistance line for regulatory clarification and also consider JetBlue policy requirements


Where would you find specific information about tarmac delays?



When passengers are delayed at the gate, it is important to inform customers that they have the ability to depart the aircraft. What interval should you make announcements informing the customers they can exit the aircraft?

30 minutes after schedule departure time and every 30 minutes after that


At all times, JetBlue aircraft must remain within how many hours of an adequate airport?



When departing from airports without radar, or at airports without an operating control tower, there are specific operational requirements. What documents can be referenced to review these requirements



Are NEF items listed on the dispatch release?



Hey crew applied MEL may be performed by the flight crew...when?

1) under the direction of maintenance control
2) before blocking out at stations with no maintenance on duty
3) At any station after blocking out


What are the steps to verify the logbook?

Ensure correct logbook is on board, review logbook back to the airworthiness release, compare MEL on release to Logbook, check MEL/CDL pages for recurring items