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Name a quote that Jeanette talks about how she has always felt

"I cannot recall a time when I did not know I was special"


Name a quote about Jeanette's parents

"My father liked to watch the wrestling and my mother liked to wrestle"


How did Jeanette describe her mother's opinions on relationships

"She had never heard of mixed feelings"


Who did Jeanette's mum say were enemies

"The enemies were: The Devil (in his many forms), next door, sex (in its many forms) and slugs.


How did Mrs Winterson describe the women from the corner shop

"They dealt in unnatural passions"


How did Jeanette describe her mother choosing to have her

"I had been brought in to join in her tag match against the rest of the world"


What did Jeanette describe to be the cause of conflict

"It all seemed to hinge around the fact that I loved the wrong sort of people"


Name a quote about fornicating

"I didn't know what fornicating was but I knew it was a sin"


What does Jeanette say to Melanie

"I love you almost as much as I love God"


What does Jeanette say about story telling

"Everyone who tells a story tells it differently"