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What should you do when using electrical equipment?
A. Leave appliances plugged in when not in use
B. Use as many plugs per outlet as necessary
C. Twist electrical cords to prevent them from moving around
D. Read all instructions carefully before attempting to use new equipment

D. Read all instructions carefully before attempting to use new equipment


What should you NOT do when waxing a clients brows?
A. Use a pencil liner to mark the boundary lines
B. Check the balance, length, width, and arch for the correct brow shape
C. Pluck stray hairs if the clients brows are uneven or too thin
D. Refrain from tweezing male clients brows unless they request it

C. Pluck stray hairs if the clients brows and uneven or too thin


What skin type benefits from light, water based products?
A. Couperose skin
B. Oily skin
C. Mature skin
D. Damaged skin

B. Oily skin


What type of skin are oil based products recommended for?
A. Normal to dry
B. Normal to oily
C. Combination
D. Sensitive

A. Normal to dry


Dark blotches of color on the skin caused by sun exposure or hormone imbalance is:
A. Hyperpigmentation
B. Albinism
C. Dehydration
D. Hypertrichosis

A. Hyperpigmentation


Products used to increase the water content of the skin surface are
A fresheners
B moisturizers
C enzymes
D toners

B moisturizers


When learning corrective makeup techniques, the face is divided into three
A horizontal
B diagonal
C vertical
D even sections

A horizontal


What color is typically used to indicate that an electrode is a cathode?
A white
B red
C blue
D black

D black


What does Anaphoresis do?
A stimulate and irritate the nerves
B decrease blood supply
C close the pores
D produce acidic reactions

A stimulate and irritate the nerves


The metal ring that keeps the bristles and handle of a brush together is the
A ringer
B ferrule
C connection
D funnel

B ferrule


What does an oxygen therapy treatment do?
A reduce bacteria
B deoxygenate the skin
C eliminate the need for extractions
D seal impacted follicles

A reduce bacteria


What is a benefit of facial treatments?
A slows down premature aging
B provides superficial cleansing
C decreases circulation
D invigorates the senses nerves and muscles

A sloes down premature aging


The ring muscle of the eye socket that enables you to close the eye is
A orbicularis oculi
B corrugator muscle
C latissimus dorsi
D temporal oculi

A orbicularis oculi


The two types of duct glands that extract materials from the blood to form new substances are
A sudoriferous and sebaceous glands
B sebaceous and sweat glands
C sebaceous and heat glands
D sudoriferous and blood glands

A sudoriferous and sebaceous glands


Where do steatoma usually appear?
A shoulders back and chest
B arms legs and torso
C face neck and chest
D scalp neck and back

Scalp neck and back


What artery supplies blood to the forehead and upper eyelids?
A transverse
B parietal
C frontal
D middle temporal

C frontal


Two bones that form the sides of the head in the ear region are the
A occipital bones
B parietal bones
C temporal bones
D frontal bones

C temporal bones


The procedure of applying individual lashes directly on the clients own lashes at the base is
A lash tabbing
B semi lashes
C eye impressing
D eye tabbing

D eye tabbing


How long should you flush a clients eye with water for it a product gets into them
A 10 min
B 15 min
C 25 min
D 5 min

B 15 min


What type of lips should you outline both the upper and lower lips?
A large full
B Cupid bow or pointer upper lip
C small mouth and lips
D uneven lips

C small mouth and lips


What muscle surround the upper lip and elevated it dilating the nostrils
A Levator anguli oris
B levator labii superioris
C orbicularis oris
D rigorous

B levator labii superioris


The cranium is made up of how many bones?
A 14
B 12
C 6
D 8

D 8


What are the two most common types of electrodes used
A flat and roller
B round and needle
C needle and roller
D round and flat

A flat and roller


What are two types of joints
A simple and complex
B movable and immovable
C single and double
D small and large

B movable and immovable


The principal functions of the skin are protection sensation hear regulation excretion and
A secretion and absorption
B absorption and cooling
C presentation and regulation
D perspiration and absorption

A secretion and absorption


Chemicals released by the immune system that flood tissues to dilute a skin irritant are
A hypertrichosis
B histamines
C execration
D hematite

B histamines


Pressure in massage is usually directed from the
A insertion to origin
B front to sides
C origin to insertion
D insertion to beginning

A insertion to origin


What color light should appear when using the large mushroom electrode of a high frequency machine on normal to oily skin?
A violet
B orange
C pink
D green

A violet


How many time should you pass over each area when applying cleanser
A six
B four
C twice
D three

A six


What is the shortest length you can trim hair before waxing
A 1/4
B 1/2
C 1
D 3/4

B 1/2 inch