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Getting ready for your first Charter or 135 Pilot job? Or, is it that time of year for your 135 Annual Recurrent Checkride (135.293)?  Charter Pilot (Part 135) - Oral provides a comprehensive set of nearly 800 common 135.293 Oral Evaluation questions.  Constantly updated with the most current regulations and advisories, this class is always adding the latest industry standards to provide you the best chance to ace the 135.293 review.


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The Best Oral Prep Flashcards

Overwhelmed by the large scope of your 135 Oral Evaluation? Worried that it’s been a while since you first learned this information and want to get your evaluation off on the right foot? Cover every topic category in 135.293 (a) 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 with Brainscape’s online and mobile flashcards. Curated by a FAA Check Airman and Master Instructor in close alignment with the FAA’s regulations and reference documents, these Charter Pilot (Part 135) - Oral flashcards will help you study the right material, faster.

Prep Effectively for your 135 Orals

135 Orals - from regulations to weather (and everything in between) - can be a giant pain. Worse, it can be hard to discern what you even need to memorize. With Brainscape, you can improve your understanding of the eligible content FASTER than with any other service. Better yet, you can do so in a way that’s carefully balanced to reflect what is likely to be tested – plus a few of those extra challenging questions some examiners like to ask.

How Much Does Memorization Matter?

The FAA has moved to scenario-based training and evaluation as a better way of determining the applicant’s depth of knowledge. However, every scenario is built on a foundation of hundreds of aviation facts and regulations. Without this knowledge, you’ll never even have a fair shot at putting your reasoning skills to use. We’ve done the hard work for you, and have combed through the facts and regulations and pulled out exactly what you need to know.

As the world’s most effective memory-building tool, Brainscape is the perfect resource for building that aviation knowledge foundation. But our Charter Pilot (Part 135) - Oral flashcards were designed to go beyond mere facts. Built into this course are several questions that require the highest level subject knowledge and application of that knowledge.

Wow your Examiner

We all know that Oral prep is time-consuming and inconvenient. But what if you could get comprehensive 135 Oral content that simply doesn’t exist in other formats? What if peace of mind of knowing you’re studying the right material, at the right depth, was something you could carry in your pocket?

Great news! With Brainscape’s Charter Pilot (Part 135) - Oral flashcards, you can. Brainscape partnered with Brian Willett, a 12,000-hour 135 Captain, Check Airman and Master CFI, who has decades of domestic and international flight training experience, to write and carefully organize over 700 (and growing) flashcards. This repository was created with the input of other Aviation Education experts, years of experience regarding FAA 135 Orals, and meticulous scrutiny of the FAA 135 regulations and available materials.

These cards aren’t just aircraft limitation abbreviations and definitions of weather terms (although we have that, too!). They get to the heart of what and how the FAA tests, from multiple decks dedicated to 135 Regulations (crew rest limits, anyone?) to extensive drilling on weather requirements, like 135 Alternate and airfield weather requirements.

Pairing Brainscape's adaptive learning platform with detailed Charter Pilot knowledge has helped thousands of students. Now we want to help YOU improve your score with the highest level of expertise available. After all, to ace the evaluation, you need a system that efficiently pinpoints the areas where you need content review most!

Charter Pilot (Part 135) - Oral includes:

  • 700+ dynamic flashcards with in-depth coverage of every 135.293 subject

  • Top-notch regulation (61, 91 and 135), navigation aids, ATC procedures, and meteorology content (recently updated!)

  • Guaranteed coverage of all 135.293 non-aircraft specific topic areas

  • A 135 expert-designed tiered system, which progressively tests each topic from simple definitions to the most complex examples and applications, mirroring how the material will likely appear on the real evaluation

  • A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that cuts your memorization time dramatically

  • Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

How to Study

You can easily get started studying online for FREE and sync your study progress between the Brainscape website and iPhone or Android app. If you agree with thousands of top aviation students that Brainscape is the most effective way to study, then you can upgrade for full access to the flashcards.

Best of luck!





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Lessons in this Class

# Deck Name Num. of Cards

Atc And Ifr Procedures Review

A review of Air Traffic Control and Instrument Flight Rule Procedures for the professional pilot.


Weather Review

Weather Topics for the Charter Pilot


Regulatory Review

A review of Parts 61, 91 and 135 as they apply to the Charter Pilot


General Knowledge