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Employee Training Demo

Want your employee onboarding or sales training to be more efficient, engaging, and mobile? Check out these fun, sample Employee Training decks to explore how Brainscape would improve employee learning and development (L&D) at your company!


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Join the cutting edge of how L&D professionals are using Brainscape's bite-sized web and mobile study platform. These sample Employee Training decks will help you consider different ideas for how your company could easily implement Brainscape.

If you want to explore how Brainscape Pro could provide an engaging and secure study and reference tool to add to your employee learning and development initiatives, be sure to request a full demo today.

What Users Are Saying

  • L&DLover: "Amazing. Best new mobile training tool I've seen."
  • MisterHR: ". . . it was time to move our L&D to the 21st Century . . "
  • Deana712: "The synchronization between web authoring and mobile study makes content updates so easy!"


These sample cards will illustrate valuable L&D use cases including:

  • employee onboarding
  • sales training
  • product launch training
  • mobile reference for key tactics and facts
  • company history and branding
  • training for "How do I do X?"

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