Knowledge and Skills for Adult Nursing

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Infection Control Measures
- Routine Hand Hygiene - Standard Precautions: use of personal protective equipment - Isolation Procedures - Aseptic Technique: key principles
79  cards
- Giving a Bed Bath - Mouth Care - Shaving Patients - Nail care - Washing a Patient's Hair in Bed
27  cards
- Recording Temperature: Disposable thermometers - Recording Temperature: Tympanic thermometers - Recording Temperature: Electronic thermometers - Assessing the Pulse - Assessment of Respiration - Measuring Blood Pressure Parts 1, 2 and 3 - Pulse Oximetry - Urine Testing: Observation - Urine Testing: Urinalysis - Assessing and measuring fluid balance
38  cards
Nutrition in Adults
- Nutrition Screening in Adults - Assisting Patient's with Eating and Drinking - Nasogastric tubes: feeding via an enteral pump - Feeding via a PEG (bolus and pump feeding) - Medicines administration via a PEG tube
18  cards
Administration of Medicine
- Administration of Medicines: Key Principles - Understanding Medicines Administration Charts - Routes of Administration - Legal, Professional and Ethical Aspects of Medicine Administration
5  cards
Specimen Collection
- Collecting a mid-stream Specimen of Urine - Collecting a sputum sample - Stool Specimen Collection - Catheter specimen of urine - Swab collection (including MRSA screening)
3  cards
Bowel Care
- Stool Specimen: Assessment - Constipation: causes and assessment - Inserting a rectal suppository - Administration of an enema
7  cards
Eye Care
- Cleansing the lids - Instillation of eye medication
7  cards
Ear Care
Instillation of ear drops
0  cards
Continence Care
Urinary continence assessment
4  cards
- Catheter Care - Emptying an indwelling urinary catheter bag
11  cards
Injection Adminitration
- Intradermal injection - Intramuscular Injection Using the Deltoid Site - Intramuscular Injection Using the Dorsogulteal Site - Intramuscular Injection Using the Vastus Lateralis Site - Intramuscular Injection Using the Ventrogluteal Site - Subcutaneous Injection of Insulin - Subcutaneous Injections (using a prefilled syringe with a non-detachable needle)
38  cards
Wound Care in Primary Care
- Pressure Ulcers: Risk Assessment, Skin Assessment and Care - Pressure Ulcers: Repositioning and Early Mobilisatio
0  cards

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