SAT Math Fundamentals

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SAT Math Fundamentals

Over 450 flashcards to help you learn the most essential arithmetic strategies for nailing the SAT Math section.


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  • Over 450 flashcards covering the most useful fundamental math concepts that you'll need to know for the Math section of the SAT
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Lessons in this Class

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Guide To Sat Prep

This deck explains the purpose of this app and the recommended approach to SAT preparation. It covers important overall information about the SAT from when, where, and how to take the SAT to what to do if your score is disappointing. This deck also provides specifics about the Math section of the SAT and what to do to perform at your optimal level on test day.


Real Numbers And Elements Of Number Theory

This deck provides basic elements of Number Theory. It provides definitions of different type of numbers, studies the relationships between odd and even numbers, and explains prime numbers and prime factorization. At the end of the deck, there are practice questions that reinforce what you've learned as well as test your knowledge from different angles.


Divisibility, Mean, Median, And Mode

In this deck you will find basic formulas for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well as the divisibility rules up to 12. You will review the concepts of mean, median, and mode using examples and practice questions.


Factors, Multiples, Sets, And Sequences

In this deck, you will review the concepts of GCF and LCM and ways to find them. It provides an overview of types of sets and sequences tested on the SAT with necessary formulas and examples. At the end of this deck, you will find practice questions that reinforce your knowledge and test it from different angles.


Fractions, Decimals, And Probability

This deck covers different types of fractions and decimals as well as rules of operations with them. We will review the counting principle and the topic of probability, providing you with clues for decoding any probability problem on the SAT.


Percent, Ratios, And Proportions

This deck covers frequently used subjects on the SAT: ratios, proportions, and percentages. From part-to-part ratios to percent increases and decreases, from direct proportions to conversion rules, this deck reinforces necessary core knowledge and presents a variety of practice questions.


Mental Math

This deck helps you to develop a very important skill -- working with numbers in your brain. You will practice how to mentally add numbers, multiply them, square them, and take percentages in split seconds. Not only will you save time on the test, but mental math also makes you see the relationships between numbers that you don't see when using a calculator.