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French Verbs:

  • Includes over 2,300 flashcards composed of the most important verbs in French, carefully ordered from most basic to most complex
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French Verbs contains over 5,500 flashcards across 7 decks organized as follows:

  • Key French Verbs
  • Present Tense
  • Passé Composé
  • Imperfect Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Subjunctive Mood
  • Conditional Mood

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Lessons in this Class

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Key French Verbs

Learn the meanings and pronunciations of the most common French verbs.


Present Tense

Quickly learn to conjugate the most useful French verbs in the present tense. The present tense in French is used to talk about habitual actions, attributes, ongoing actions, and (in spoken French) the immediate future. Ex.: "Je parle trois langues" (I speak three languages)


Passé Composé

Flashcards to improve your mastery of the passé composé conjugation of the most useful French verbs. The passé composé is the tense most commonly used to talk about past events in spoken French. Ex.: "Hier, j'ai parlé à Mamadou" (Yesterday, I spoke to Mamadou)


Imperfect Tense

Become proficient in using the imperfect tense by drilling the conjugations of the most important verbs in French. The imperfect is used to express ongoing actions or conditions in the past. Ex.: "L'année dernière, je parlais avec Simone tous les dimanches" (Last year, I talked to Simone every Sunday)


Future Tense

Train yourself to conjugate the most useful French verbs in the future tense. The future (also called "futur simple") is used to express actions or conditions that will definitely occur in the future. Ex.: "Demain, je parlerai avec mes parents" (Tomorrow, I will speak with my parents)


Subjunctive Mood

Drill yourself to internalize the subjunctive conjugation of the most useful French verbs. The subjunctive is used to talk about intentions, desires, and falsehood in French. Ex.: "Je ne crois pas qu'il soit nécessaire" (I don't believe it is necessary)


Conditional Mood

Use these flashcards to master the conditional conjugation of the most useful French verbs. The conditional in French is used to signal that an action or event is hypothetical or dependent on another condition (which is usually conjugated in the imperfect). Ex.: "Si j'étudiais plus, je parlerais mieux le Français" (If I studied more, I would speak French better)