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Lessons in this Class

# Deck Name Num. of Cards

Chapter 01 Test Taking Strategies For Nurse Practitioner Students

Several best practices should help the NP student focus on the appropriate content and how to study. These questions will test those study techniques.


Chapter 02 Principles Of Family Focused Clinical Practice

Quality primary care must take into account the family from structural, developmental and functional contexts. These questions review the how family is included in an individual's point of care.


Chapter 03 Health Assessment

A thorough health assessment includes gaining knowledge about a patient's past and present medical history, gaining knowledge about past and present factors that can and do currently impact the patient's present and future health, and assessment of a patient's physical, mental and sometimes spiritual health and well-being. These questions will test your knowledge of a proper health assessment.


Chapter 04 Epidemiology And Population Health

The FNP is charged with being educated on the health of communities. These questions will help you study epidemiology and public health.


Chapter 05 Head, Ears, Nose, Throat, And Eye

General approaches to ear, nose and throat head problems include using the proper equipment, utilizing assessment and listening to patients. Study this using these flashcards.


Chapter 06 Respiratory System

Use these flashcards to study the functions of the respiratory system using these flashcards.


Chapter 07 Cardiovascular Disorders In Primary Care

Go through various conditions such as murmurs and valvular disorders then study them with these flashcards.


Chapter 08 Gastrointestinal System

Obtaining an accurate history and assessment of patients presenting with abdominal pain is crucial. Utilize these flashcards to study this concept.


Chapter 09 Musculoskeletal Review

In the primary care setting, 10-20% of outpatient primary care visits are for muscoskeletal injuries. Use these flashcards for further study.


Chapter 10 Nervous System

Review exam findings and MINIMAL screening exams then use these flashcards for further study.


Chapter 11 Endocrine System

Plans for endocrine system care should be patient-centered and tailored to the individual. Review and study these concepts using this set of flashcards.


Chapter 12 Hematology

The FNP is called upon to review lab analyses prior to and during patient visits. Study these clinical tools using these flashcards.


Chapter 13 Renal:Urinary System

Study the normal finding and functions of renal/urinary systems using these flashcards.


Chapter 14 Infectious Diseases

These flashcards will review some infectious diseases including HIV, tick-borne illnesses, agents of bio terrorism and general concepts of antiviral therapy.


Chapter 15 Dermatology:Integumentary

Approximately 49% of all adult outpatient/primary care visits are for skin conditions. Study those using these flashcards.


Chapter 16 Pediatrics

Further understand the particular needs of working with pediatric patients using these flashcards.


Chapter 17 Women’s Health

Study the absence of illness and the presence of physical and mental well-being in the woman from puberty to menopause with these flashcards.


Chapter 18 Geriatrics

Advances in medicine and technology have enabled older adults to live longer and healthier lives. Understand the needs of this growing population with these flashcards.


Chapter 19 Mental Health In Primary Care

FNPs have a primary role in providing for mental health patients as well as identifying them. Study these tactics with these flashcards.


Chapter 20 Professional Issues

Understand the scope of practice and helpful organizations with these flashcards.


Chapter 21 Reimbursement For Nurse Practitioner Services

Fiscal responsibility is paramount for NPs to understand. Study these concepts with these flashcards.


Chapter 22 Evidence Based Practice Review For The Advanced Practice Nurse

To be competent, the FNP must understand the research process and use appropriate evidence in their patient care. Further understand these concepts with these flashcards.