Basic Latin Sentence Practice

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Basic Latin Sentence Practice

Use this package to practice forming basic Latin sentences! 


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This is the fastest, most efficient way to learn how to construct basic Latin sentences! The team of learning pros and scientists at Brainscape understand that you are busy, and you need the most efficient, convenient way to learn possible. Here it is! Dive right in forming basic Latin sentences anytime, anywhere, at the pace that is right for YOU with Brainscape's cutting-edge Confidence-Based Repetition flashcard system!

Subject Overview

Basic Latin Sentence Practice:

  • Includes flashcards composed of basic Latin sentence elements which are carefully ordered from the most basic to the most complex
  • Features a customized flashcard repetition algorithm that decreases your memorization time dramatically
  • Includes ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools that help you to track your progress
  • Contains over 200 cards organized into 5 decks

Grab this app and get the Latin sentence practice you need!





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Lessons in this Class

# Deck Name Num. of Cards

Basic Sentence Practice 1

Use this deck to learn about the basic grammatical structures that govern Latin sentence creation, along with some of the most foundational Latin vocabulary terms.


Basic Sentence Practice 2

The second deck in our basic Latin sentence practice package. Learn new vocabulary terms, as well as about the essential conjugations of the verb "to be."


Basic Sentence Practice 3

This is our third basic Latin sentence practice deck, in which you will learn about the future tense, timekeeping, and more!


Basic Sentence Practice 4

Use this deck to learn about basic Latin prepositions, essential adjectives, and more!


Basic Sentence Practice 5

Our fifth sentence practice deck will help you learn about Latin infinitives, as well as a slew of new important verbs.