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Ditch your test prep book and study guide! This "audio flashcards" app will efficiently drill you on all of the most common verbs and vocabulary terms tested on the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.


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Think you can prep for the AP Spanish test using just your textbook and workbook? Think again. There are likely hundreds of potential Spanish vocabulary words, phrases, and verb conjugations that are not covered in the book that your teacher happened to choose for this semester.

Brainscape's AP Spanish app (with AUDIO) covers over 6,000 of the most common words and verbs most likely to be on the exam -- based on our analysis of many years' worth of exams and our consultations with several test prep experts most familiar with the College Board's tactics.

Even better, our web and mobile app quizzes you using the most effective learning technology available anywhere. You can easily study while "on the go" without having to remember to lug your books around with you everywhere. And if you don't believe us, try it for FREE and see for yourself!

Product Reviews

  • 420popster: "I am super lazy and usually hate studying. This app made AP prep EASY. I just found out I got a 5! (WTF?)"
  • espanaHombre: "Seriously? I went from clueless to muy bueno in like 2 weeks. I have no idea what I would have done without this."
  • lisa902: "I tell EVERYBODY about Brainscape. I plan to use this all through college!"

Better than Study Guides

Most other study tools are "linear". You flip through pages, or you play games and "move on" to the next lesson, while forgetting half of what you supposedly "learned" yesterday. It's practically impossible to remember to review every hard concept with the right timing before you forget it.

Brainscape makes this study process AUTOMATIC. When you see (and hear) each flashcard's answer, you simply rate your own confidence level on a scale of 1-5, and Brainscape's smart study algorithm (called Confidence-Based Repetition) determines exactly how soon you should see it again. We OPTIMIZE the pattern of flashcard repetition so that you're always making the most of your study time.

Guaranteed to Score a 4 or a 5

Brainscape is super-confident that, if you study a little bit every day for a few weeks, you will be able to totally ace your exam. In fact, if you study every flashcard in this product and don't score a 5, we'll give you your money back -- AND our CEO will personally do 50 pushups and post the video on Twitter dedicating it to you. You have nothing to lose. Start studying and boost your AP Spanish score!







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AP Spanish Verbs

Review all of the basic verb conjugations typically tested on the AP Spanish Language exam. 

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AP Spanish Vocabulary

Brush up on hundreds of essential AP Spanish vocabulary terms FAST, using Brainscape's innovative smart flashcard platform. 

21 Decks   4,084 Cards   3,591 Learners