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What is 'Youth Sports Trust'?

- An independent charity devoted to changing young people's lives through sport
- This is achieved through high quality PE and Sport Opportunities


Describe an initative of YST

- It wants students to be role models and make a difference in schools and communities, which makes them young ambassdors


Give a current sport event for all ages

- National School Games, which is a multi sport event in current and future paralympic events


Define 'Legacy Commitment'

- A plan to harness the enthusiasm generated by the 2012 olympics and ensures it continues


Describe the national school games

- Takes place over 3 days, with 700 coaches with support stuff and volunteers to run it
- 4 Levels: Level 1 inter-school, Level 2 local inter-school, Level 3 County Games Festivals and Level 4 NSG


How are the NSG funded?

- They are sponsored Sainsburys