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What is the symphysial fundal height

-A measure of the size of the uterus used to assess fetal growth& development during pregnancy.
-used to assess the growth of the pubic symphysis to fundus(top) of uterus
-Measured in cm
-Measured at every antenatal visit from 24 weeks
-It should equal the week of pregnancy +/- 2cm


Explain hypotension in pregnant women.

common in mid-trimester(physiological BP drop)


Why must we take care with maternal positioning in the 2nd and 3rd trimester?

Hypotension results in the supine position so we ask pregnant women to lay on their side when sleeping/ if they faint.
The consequences of incorrect positioning include impaired venous return via the inferior vena-cava and it also compromises the blood flow to the baby.


What types of hypertension may be present during pregnancy

-gestational/pregnancy induced
-chronic HT with superimposed pre-eclampsia


What is pre-eclampsia?

-Raised BP( <140/90)
-oedema: pitting, swelling and weight gain
-usually occurs after 20 weeks
-affects 6% of pregnancies
-Symptoms: frontal headache, visual disturbance, RUQ pain, oedema
-Risks: mother-stroke, seizures, liver/kidney damage
foetus: growth restriction/death

REMEMBER PRE ACRONYM (Proteinuria, Raised blood pressure, Edema).


What is a MEOWS chart made up of and what is it used to document?

- SaO2


How do we quantify protein to check form things like pre-eclampsia or renal disease?

Calculate a protein:creatinine ratio


If glucose is present on a mid-stream urine sample, what may this indicate?

- Diabetes, pregnancy induced
-Diabetes-type 1 or 2
-May be physiological in the 3rd stage


If leukoctyes/nitrites is present on a mid-stream urine sample, what may this indicate?

They are a product or WBCs so this may indicate a UTI. The microscopy, culture and sensitivity must therefore be sent off to the lab.


What is the significance of the last menstrual period in dating a pregnancy.

-Last menstrual period is used to determine when to scan a patient
-Nagele's rule (add 1 year to the first day of LMP, count back 3 months, add 7days)


How do we work out the expected date of delivery?

- based on crown to rump and length of the foetus
-This date is used to calculate a gestational age which can be confirmed with a Beta-HCG test


What dates should an obstetric wheel contain and what is it used for?

-Last menstrual period IF IT'S AN EARLY PREGNANCY
-Expected delivery date
-Used to date a pregnancy---> We find today's date on the outer wheel and read off gestation from the inner wheel.