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Laws were passed to discriminate against people who did not fit into the Nazi ideas of a perfect master race, and millions of them were ____.



Who were those targeted by the Nazis? (9)

-Political opponents
-Black people
-Mentally ill or disabled people
-Unemployed people
-Roma and Sinti (Gypsies)
-The Jews


Why were political opponents targeted?

Because they refused to accept Nazi teachings. These also included Communists, Social Democrats, trade unionists and Jehovah's Witnesses.


Who refused to publicly honour Hitler or serve in the army?

Jehovah's Witnesses.


What type of black people were targeted?

Such as the children born to German mothers and black French soldiers in the Rhineland area of Germany. (After French occupation fo the area after WW1)


Why were homosexuals targeted?

They were seen as a threat to the Nazi's plans to breed an Aryan master race. They called them weak, degenerate or diseased.


What happened to homosexuals?

Imprisoned in concentration camps, where they were treated extremely harshly and subjected to inhuman medical experiments, for eg. the injection of typhus bacteria and forced injection of hormone overdoses.


Why were the slavs targeted?

They were treated with great cruelty when the German armies invaded their countries.


What happened to Russian prisoners of war?

Worked to death in Nazi slave labour camps.


What happened to the mentally-ill or disabled?

Sterilised so they could not have children or put to death in the 'euthanasia programme'.


Why were criminals targeted?

They were seen as 'genetic degenerates'. They were sent to labour camps and some were sterilised.


Why were unemployed people targeted?

They were described as 'work-shy' and also sent to forced labour camps.


What is the history of Gypsies?

For centuries, many of them had travelled around Europe making a living from trades such as metal-working, horse-trading, fortune-telling because they were restricted from doing other trades and were not allowed to form settled communities.


Why were Gypsies targeted?

The Nazis called them 'vagrants', 'criminals', 'disorderly wanderers', or 'work-shy'. They sent many Roma and Sinti to slave labour camps, and a quarter of million of them were killed in Nazi death camps.


How many Jews were killed?

Six of the Nine million Jews in Europe were killed by the Nazis, called the Holocaust.