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Where do we find the BOW weight?

The Basic Operating Weight is found on the Dispatch Release. (Dispatch Release Explanation pg. 4)


What is the standard passenger weight for today’s flight? For an Adult? A Child?

Summer (5/1 - 10/31) Adult: 190 lbs, Child: 82 lbs, Infant: 0 lbs.
Winter (11/1 - 4/30 Adult: 195 lbs, Child: 87 lbs, Infant: 0 lbs. (SP4100 2-2, E175 Balance Chart)


What is the standard bag weight?

30 lbs. (SP4100 3-10)


How much does a heavy bag weigh?

60 lbs. (SP4100 3-10)


Is the weight of a planeside checked bag different than a carry on?

No, they are both assumed to be 30 lbs. (SP4100 3-10)


What does a ticketed cabin bag weigh?

Must not exceed 165 lbs. For load manifest purposes, the weight is equivalent of a child passenger (SP4100 3-8)


What is the weight of a Flight Deck Observer?

190 lbs – This includes one carry-on and one personal item stowed in the passenger cabin.


Max forward cargo weight?

3,306 lbs. (AOM V1 8-60.6. Also found on Flight Release. No longer in SOPM 2-2.1)


Max aft cargo weight?

2,535 lbs. (AOM V1 8-60.6. Also found on Flight Release. No longer in SOPM 2-2.1)


What cargo restrictions do we have on the aft cargo bay?

Can not transport Dry Ice or Live Animals in the aft cargo bay. (AOM V1 8-80.1 8-90.1)


Where must the pilots stow their baggage when flying a non-revenue flight without passengers?

Crewmember roller bags may be stored in any approved location and do not need to be replaced in the cargo bin by an equal number of passenger carry-on bags or ballast. Crewmember carry-on baggage must not be stowed in the First Class cabin or Galley Closets/Space. (SP4100 3-6) (FOIB060316-1)


What does the acronym MFPTW stand for? Does it include any takeoff/climb limits?

Maximum Flight Plan Takeoff Weight. MFPTW does not include any takeoff/climb limits. (SP4100 2-10)


What does PCFA stand for?

Passenger Carrying Firearm. (SP4100 2-12)


True or False, live animals must be noted on the CLR.



True or False, cabin check baggage must have one or more handles which allows the seat belt to go through the handle(s) and secure the baggage to the seat.



What is the standard weight of service animals and cabin pets?

When carried in the passenger cabin, service animals and cabin pets are considered zero weight. (SP4100 4-3)