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What is CNO's Mandate/Mission statement?

- Regulating nursing in the public interest
- Leading in regulatory excellence


What is RNAO's Mandate/Mission statement?

 Speaks out for health and nursing
 To advance healthy public policy and to promote the full participation of registered nurses in improving health, and in shaping and delivering health services now and in the future.
 Believes health is a resource for everyday living and health care a universal human right.


What is ONA's Mandate/Mission statement?

The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) is a proactive union committed to improving the economic welfare and quality of work-life for our members, to enable them to provide high-quality health care.


What is ICN's Mandate/Mission statement?

To represent nursing worldwide, advancing the profession and influencing health policy.


What is CNA's Mandate/Mission statement?

CNA is the national professional voice of registered nurses, advancing the practice of nursing and the profession to improve health outcomes in a publicly funded, not- for-profit health system by:
• unifying the voices of registered nurses;
• strengthening nursing leadership;
• promoting nursing excellence and a vibrant profession;
• advocating for healthy public policy and a quality health system; and
• serving the public interest.


What does self-regulation mean in nursing?

Means that the government bestows (gives) power to a profession to govern itself, individually and through the College of Nurses of Ontario


How do nurses accomplish self regulation according to CNO?

"by developing and enhancing own competence, ensuring consistently safe practice, and ensuring and maintaining own fitness to practice...
“Demonstrates an understanding of the mandates of regulatory bodies, professional associations and unions...”
“Demonstrates continuing competence by: (a)
committing to life-long learning”


What does 6 things does CNO provide?

Practice standards and practice guidelines
Investigations and hearings
Statements on policy issues
Publications and resources
(their magazines and website)


What are CNO's (7) professional standards

Knowledge Application
Continuing Competence


Expand on CNO's professional standard on leadership.

“all nurses have opportunities for leadership” based on their scope of practice & knowledge of the profession
“Leadership requires self-knowledge (understanding one’s beliefs and values and being aware of how ones behaviours affects others)” (from CNO practice standards)


What (8) things does RNAO provides?

1. Media releases
2. Prep of resolution of annual meetings
3. Internet groups
4. Position statements, fact sheets and discussion papers
5. Best practice guidelines
6. Health education fact sheets
7. Registered nurse journals
8. Strategies for political action


Give 3 examples of ONA publication.

Annual reports
Collective agreement
Positions statements


What is ONA's collective agreement?

Tool for ongoing communication with ONA and employers for best environment for promoting health


What is reflection and why is it necessary?

Is the process of purposely thinking back or recalling a situation to discover its purpose or meaning
Is necessary for self-evaluation and improvement of nursing practice


Who mandates self-reflection?



What are the 3 components of self reflection?

1. Self-Assessment
- Practice reflection ( based on strengths & areas for development)
-Developing and maintaining a learning plan
2. Practice Assessment
3. Peer Feedback


What parts of a peer reviewed journal will not be peer reviewed?

Letter from the editor, editorial section, book review section


What are the 8 elements of a peer reviewed research article?

1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Literature review or background
4. Purpose/Aim Statement
5. Methods or Design
6. Results/Findings
7. Conclusion/Discussion/Clinical Implications 8. Reference List


What 8 elements are in a peer reviewed discussion article on a clinical issue?

1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Literature review or background
4. Often includes description of patient population or patient
5. Description of how patient(s) was affected
6. Description of appropriate nursing therapies or approach
7. Conclusions & Clinical implications
8. Reference List


What are UNB's 3 philosophical foundations?

Primary Health Care
Social Justice


Define primary health care.

".. essential care (e.g., promotive, preventive, supportive[includes palliative care and respite care], rehabilitative and curative services)…” UNB
- Primary health care INCLUDES: Individual, Family, Community, Collaboration between professionals and clients to promoting self-reliance and self-determination


What two components correspond with the use of the words "promotive, preventive, supportive[includes palliative care and respite care], rehabilitative and curative services"?

UNB's primary health care statement and
Scope of practice statement (NURSING ACT)


Define caring.

- “Caring is biophysical, psychosocial, spiritual, and cognitive, and is a moral imperative of nursing.”
- The provincial standards for Nursing Practice and the Canadian Code of Ethics for Nursing endorse the “professionalization of caring” in nursing.
- “Caring is a dynamic, informed, and intentional process ...”


Define social justice

- “Justice is an ETHICAL CONCEPT concerned with treating human beings fairly. (i.e., Ms. C)
- It involves a FAIR distribution of benefits and burdens among members of society.” (i.e., Ms. C’s access to health care)
- “Social justice flows from the idea that all PERSONS DESERVE BASIC NECESSITIES in addition to freedom/rights simply because they are human.
- The basic necessities ENCOMPASS access to HEALTH CARE, MIN. standards of INCOME, access to AFFORDABLE HOUSING and ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY.”


What are the 5 sources of power for nurses?

Having a philosophy (def ) of nursing
Service to society
Public trust
Effect on health and wellbeing of clients
Research findings effects on nursing care


What are Yam's (6) traits of a profession?

1.Personal identity stemming from profession
2.Extensive theoretical knowledge base
3. Legitimate expertise in a specialized field
4. Altruistic (selfless) commitment to service
5. Autonomy at work
6. Code of ethics overseen by nurses


Does nursing have “legitimate expertise in a specialized field, what shows this?”

Nursing scope of practice shows specialized expertise


Autonomy at work is based on________ ______ __ _______

Nursing scope of practice


Yam's article expresses the __________and____ of nursing



What is Yam referring to when he says the science of nursing

Science is the "know that" knowledge
- from science of nursing based on theory and research to describe, predict, and prescribe nursing practice