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How many reserved or controlled acts are there that are considered to be potentially harmful if administered by unqualified person?

13 controlled acts


Where are the 13 controlled acts layer out?

Regulated health professionals act 1991


What 7 components does the nursing act 1991 contain?

-scope of practice
- defines different classes of nursing registration
- title protection
- 3 controlled act authorized by RN's and RPN's
- 7 controlled acts authorized by NP's
- quality assurance
- professional misconduct regulations


What are the 6 classes of nursing registration?

Emergency Assignment


What is the general class?

most common class for working RN's and RPN's


What is a temporary class?

allows individual to work when they have met all other criteria except examination


What is the emergency assignment class?

qualified RN's and RPN's usually from out of province receive this class when the government requests


What is the non-practicing class (new as of 2013)?

(replaced retirement/travel class)
allows the use of nurse title without being able to practicing; available to RN's, RPN's, and NP's


What is the extended class?

for those who demonstrate competence to work as NP's


What are the 2 main elements of the Regulated Health Professionals Act (1991)?

1. Scope of practice statement
2. Series of authorized and controlled acts


In what year did the RN program become a bacheloriate degree?



What is the Nursing Act Scope of practice statement?

"The promotion of health, and the assessment of the provision of care or and the treatment of health conditions by supportive, preventative, therapeutic, palliative, and rehabilitative means in order to ATTAIN and MAINTAIN OPTIMAL FUNCTION."


What is this statement referring to,
"The promotion of health, and the assessment of the provision of care or and the treatment of health conditions by supportive, preventative, therapeutic, palliative, and rehabilitative means in order to ATTAIN and MAINTAIN OPTIMAL FUNCTION."

Nursing scope of practice from Nursing Act


What are the conditions in order to preform the 3 controlled acts for RN's and RPN's

- the act is ordered by physician, NP, midwife, etc.
- initiated in concordance with the regulations
- can initiate independently if initiating is within his/her role, and competence; can give or order
(RPN's may initiate a procedure but not give without order)


What are the 3 controlled acts that nurses can preform

1. performing a procedure below the dermis or mucus membrane
2. administering a substance via injection or inhalation
3. Putting an instrument, hand or finger into a body opening


Who is CPSI?

Canadian Patient Safety Institution


What is domain #1 of CPSI?

- Role modelling and demonstrating commitment to safe practice
- Integration of safe practices into daily activity
- Commitment to communication, teamwork, and quality


What are metaparadigms?

provides framework of broadest beliefs about nursing, environment, person, and health


What are the (6) actions associated with nursing metaparadigm?

1. Assist person to meet health needs, and illness needs
2. Enhance person's capability to manage health challenge
3. Promote health and wellbeing at both and individual and societal level
4. Provide health care for those who are unable to do so for themselves
5. Assist person in their response to illness and threat to health
6. Facilitate transitions


What are Carper's (4) types of nursing knowledge?

1. Empirics knowledge (science of nursing)
2. Esthetics knowledge (art of nursing)
3. Personal knowledge (nurses therapeutic use of self)
4. Ethics knowledge (moral component)


What is the 5th type of nursing knowledge laid out by Chinn & Kramer?

5. Emancipatory- addresses social economic and political factors


What is the purpose of CASN and what does it stand for?

Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
Purpose: to promote scholarship and achieve excellence in nursing


Define Scholarship.

scholarship in nursing encompasses a full range of INTELLECTUAL and CREATIVE activities (may include generation, validation, synthesis, and/or application of knowledge) TO ADVANCE the TEACHING, RESEARCH and PRACTICE


What are the 2 standards of critical thinking?

1. Intellectual Standard
2. Professional Standard


Define evidence-informed practice.

The integration of the best research evidence with evidence from expert clinical practice and other sources to promote the best possible care for clients


What are the benefits of self awareness?

1. “Caring... depends on YOU KNOWING MORE ABOUT WHO YOU ARE... we cannot help other people until we are a bit clear about ourselves”
2. “Nurses can use self to therapeutic effect when working with patients... Being self-aware enables us to identify our strengths and areas that need to be developed”
“... the nurse uses self as an instrument of healing, personal self-care is required to serve self and others.”


Define the metaparadigm of person.

- HOLISTIC being; dynamic, interactive, irreducible
- encompasses INDIVIDUAL, family, community, aggregates(COLLECTIVE), and population
- UNIQUE and represent diversity in relation to variables
- ability to adjust and grow; SELF DETERMINING


What is CNO’s definition of client?

Client is defined as:
“Individuals, families, groups, entire communities who require nursing expertise. In clinical settings, the client may be referred to as a patient (in hospital) or resident (in retirement homes)”


UNB's metaparadigm of person is intended to prevent what?

Cookie cutter health care


Define theory.

“A mental viewing, contemplation, a speculative idea or plan as to how something might be done...
a mere conjecture, or guess”